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Seri �o JEFFERSON COUNTY <br />' DEPARTMENT OF COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT <br />'� Street,621 Sheridan 98368 <br />I effe �n.wa,us{cammunitvdevelagment <br />Tel: 360.379.4450 1Fax360.379.44511 Emadcd@cc.i���� <br />SquareONE Resource Center I Building Permits & Inspections I Development Review I Long Range Planning <br />April 22, 2016 <br />Joan Best <br />2072 Victoria Avenue <br />Port Townsend WA 98368 <br />Re: Michael Anderson and any legal, non -conforming uses <br />270 (West) Maude Street, Irondale, Jefferson County, WA <br />Request for Unified Development Code Interpretation <br />Dear Ms. Best: <br />On behalf of Mr. Anderson and with payment of the amount owed pursuant to the County's fee <br />Ordinance, a request has been made for a Unified Development Code ("UDC") Interpretation as is <br />authorized by County Code §18.40.350. This is the County's response to that Request for a UDC <br />Interpretation. <br />Question(s) posed: <br />During the pendency of the litigation of the solid waste infraction that was heard before Judge <br />Landes on February 8, 2016 you have made several requests of DPA Alvarez for an official decision by <br />the County regarding what uses or structures might be formally deemed legal, non -conforming uses or <br />structures for Mr. Anderson at the four parcels he owns (and one more he occupies) having the <br />collective street address of 270 Maude Street. These five parcels will be known collectively as the <br />"Subject Parcels" or "the SP." <br />The question before the UDC Administrator is as follows: Are all, a portion, or none of Mr. <br />Anderson's business activities and associated structures located at 270 Maude Street `grandfathered' <br />under the regulatory provisions of Jefferson County? <br />The underlying circumstances here are unique because the County usually decides whether a use <br />or structure holds the status of a legal, non -conforming use or structure solely in the context of an <br />application for land use development. That is when Jefferson County Code ("JCC") § 18.20.260 comes <br />into play. However, no such application has been or is likely to be submitted by Mr. Anderson, who is <br />already conducting a business at the SP. <br />