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519000mE 520000mE <br />521 000mE <br />522000mE <br />523000mE <br />1220 45' 00" R. 01 W. R. 01 E. <br />1220 41' 15" <br />470 48' 45" <br />� <br />470 48' 45" <br />19 <br />24 24 <br />Shoreline <br />- , <br />ZONE AE � <br />(EL 13) ---- <br />��s <br />ZONE VE <br />(EL 17) <br />Puget Sound <br />5295000mN <br />W <br />o + + <br />+ <br />+ <br />+ <br />Z Shoreline . <br />� �Y <br />300000 FT <br />= 25 _ Jr-' ` <br />Jefferson County <br />Unincorporated Areas <br />ZONE VE <br />530069 <br />Tho�ndy <br />(EL 19) ke Bay <br />1 <br />1 11� <br />5294000mN <br />+ oo - ' + <br />oo oo <br />+ <br />+ <br />+ <br />10 oo <br />-oo ZONE AE <br />14) <br />(EL <br />FRANKS LN <br />295000 FT <br />36' <br />ZO NE VE <br />I ` , (EL 20) <br />l• <br />7 ` <br />9 ` <br />O - <br />r ZONE AE ' <br />(EL 15) 7y9 <br />1 <br />----- - - - - -- 120 <br />1 <br />ZONE VE <br />(EL 16) <br />Shoreline <br />T. 27N. <br />5292000mN <br />+ + <br />+ <br />+ <br />+ <br />T. 26 N . <br />1 <br />1 <br />290000 FT <br />Jefferson County <br />01 <br />Unincorporated Areas <br />ZONE AE <br />' 530069 <br />(EL 13) <br />. ZONE AE <br />(EL 14) <br />-- -- 122 <br />5291 000mN <br />ZONE VE + + <br />+ <br />+ <br />+ <br />(EL 16) <br />1 , <br />' Puget Sound <br />Shoreline <br />01 <br />'% <br />ZONE AE <br />(EL 13) <br />285000 FT <br />ZONE VE <br />52 000m <br />90 N <br />(EL 16) <br />+ + <br />+ <br />+ <br />+ <br />5289000mN <br />+ + <br />+ <br />+ <br />+ <br />280000 FT <br />ZONE VE <br />(EL 16) <br />470 45' 00" <br />470 45' 00" <br />1220 45' 00" <br />1220 41' 15" <br />1170000 FT <br />1175000 FT <br />1180000 FT <br />FLOOD HAZARD INFORMATION NOTES TO USERS SCALE <br />SEE FIS REPORT FOR ZONE DESCRIPTIONS AND INDEX MAP <br />THE INFORMATION DEPICTED ON THIS MAP AND SUPPORTING <br />DOCUMENTATION ARE ALSO AVAILABLE IN DIGITAL FORMAT AT <br />HTTPS://MSC. FEMA.GOV <br />Without Base Flood Elevation (BFE) <br />Zone A,V, A99 <br />With BFE or Depth zo►tc AE, AO, AH, VE, AR <br />SPECIAL FLOOD <br />i <br />HAZARD AREAS <br />��f Regulatory Floodway <br />ir 0.2% Annual Chance Flood Hazard, Areas <br />of 1% annual chance flood with average <br />depth less than one foot or with drainage <br />areas of less than one square mile zone X <br />\\\ Future Conditions 1% Annual <br />Chance Flood Hazard Zone X <br />OTHER AREAS OF <br />1„� Area with Reduced Flood Risk due to Levee <br />FLOOD HAZARD <br />' See Notes. Zone X <br />NO SCREEN Areas Determined to be Outside the <br />OTHER <br />0.2% Annual Chance Floodplain zone X <br />AREAS <br />Area of Undetermined Flood Hazard zone D <br />-------------- Channel, Culvert, or Storm Sewer <br />Accredited or Provisionally Accredited <br />GENERAL Levee, Dike, or Floodwall <br />STRUCTURES mmmmmmmill Non -accredited Levee, Dike, or Floodwall <br />E 18.2 Cross Sections with 1% Annual Chance <br />17.5 Water Surface Elevation (BFE) <br />G> - - - - Coastal Transect <br />-- -- Coastal Transect Baseline <br />- Profile Baseline <br />Hydrographic Feature <br />- 513- Base Flood Elevation Line (BFE) <br />OTHER Limit of Study <br />FEATURES Jurisdiction Boundary <br />For information and questions about this map, available products associated with this FIRM including <br />historic versions of this FIRM, how to order products or the National Flood Insurance Program in general, <br />please call the FEMA Map Information eXchange at 1-877-FEMA-MAP (1-877-336-2627) or visit the FEMA Map <br />Service Center website at Available products may include previously issued Letters <br />of Map Change, a Flood Insurance Study Report, and/or digital versions of this map. Many of these products <br />can be ordered or obtained directly from the website. Users may determine the current map date for each <br />FIRM panel by visiting the FEMA Map Service Center website or by calling the FEMA Map Information eXchange. <br />Communities annexing land on adjacent FIRM panels must obtain a current copy of the adjacent panel as well as <br />the current FIRM Index. These may be ordered directly from the Map Service Center at the number listed above. <br />For community and countywide map dates refer to the Flood Insurance Study report for this jurisdiction. <br />To determine if flood insurance is available in the community, contact your Insurance agent or call the National <br />Flood Insurance Program at 1-800-638-6620. <br />Base map information shown on this FIRM was provided in digital format by the United States Geological Survey <br />(USGS), the United States Census Bureau, and the Bureau of Land Management. <br />N <br />Map Projection: <br />NAD 1983 UTM Zone 10N; <br />Western Hemisphere; Vertical Datum: NAVD 88 <br />1 inch = 1,000 feet 1:12,000 <br />0 1, 000 <br />0 250 <br />PANEL LOCATOR <br />21000 41000 <br />Feet <br />Meters <br />500 11000 <br />* PANEL NOT PRINTED <br />E <br />.AD <br />rp r <br />F4Ic A <br />� <br />r' �� <br />rrr+tt II%%II <br />1 <br />NATIONAL FLOOD INSURANCE PROGRAM <br />FLOOD INSURANCE RATE MAP <br />JEFFERSON COUNTY, WASHINGTON <br />AND INCORPORATED AREAS <br />PANEL 940 OF 1670 J° <br />w <br />9 ND 5���4 <br />FEMA <br />Panel Contains: <br />COMMUNITY NUMBER PANEL SUFFIX <br />JEFFERSON COUNTY 530069 0940 C <br />VERSION NUMBER <br /> <br />MAP NUMBER <br />53031CO940C <br />EFFECTIVE DATE <br />JUNE 77 2019 <br />