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a <br />JEFFERSON COUNTY <br />4�ggod c DEPARTMENT OF COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT <br />621 Sheridan Street <br />0S' Port Townsend. WA 98368 <br />ms`s, IN, ' <br />Al Scalf. Director <br />September 9, 1999 <br />In Regards to: <br />Washington State Department of Transportation <br />Quigg Brothers - Contractor <br />Dosewallips Bridge Replacement Project <br />Requesting: <br />A Portable Concrete Batch Plant within the WSDOT right of way located easterly <br />of parcel 4602-353-058 and approximately''/2 mile north of the bridge project. <br />SUMMARY <br />• In consideration of the Dosewallips Bridge Replacement Project located near Brinnon, <br />Washington, a proposal by the Washington State Department of Transportation <br />(WSDOT) to replace the existing Bridge by its contractor Quigg Brothers of Aberdeen, <br />Washington. <br />FINDINGS OF FACT <br />WSDOT issued a SEPA Determination of Non -Significance on September 17, 1998 <br />pertaining to the bridge replacement project. <br />The Jefferson County Hearing Examiner issued a decision to approve with conditions a <br />shoreline conditional use permit on December 29, 1998. <br />CRITERIA FOR REVIEW <br />Section 2 of the Jefferson County Emergency Interim Control Ordinance (FICO) <br />provides for a exemption of structures and uses which is found by the Director of <br />Community Development to be appropriately located in the public interest, and <br />exemptions can be applied to structures which do not require a building permit per the <br />Uniform Building Code. <br />• <br />Building Permits/ Inspections <br />(360) 379-4450 <br />Development Review Division Long Range Planning <br />FAX: (360) 379-4451 <br />