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<br />Health Board Minutes July 18, 1984 <br />Page 2: <br /> <br />Environmental Health is kept busy steadily from March to October with <br />site evaluations, septic tank permits and installations and uses the <br />winter months to catch up on food service programs that there isn't time <br />for during the spring and summer months. <br /> <br />Grant request for Early Identification program: A grant request <br />for the Early Identitication program, which is one ot two such programs <br />in the State, has been submitted) Gael Stuart advised. This identification <br />of early developmental problems program is managed by Mary Tudor and <br />is a real asset to the services provided by the Health Department. <br /> <br />Additional grant received from Title I, Developmental Disabilities: <br />The additional grant ot $3~~-is tor the completion ot this grant <br />year from the State Department Public Instruction Title I program. This <br />program is for children up to three years of age, that have been identified <br />as developmentally disabled. <br /> <br />Mound System at Cape George Village: Commissioner John Pitts <br />advised that he has been in contact with Chuck Laws, who was encouraged <br />by the County to look at alternative septic systems when he was turned <br />down by the State on a proposed mound system at Cape George Village. <br />A proposal from Nautilis Associates of Sequim with data was given to <br />Randy Durant for his perusal and will be discussed at the next Health <br />Board meeting. <br /> <br />Health Department Budget Projections: The City has asked that <br />the Health Department project their costs tor the City to use in their <br />five year budget plan. Gale Stuart is currently developing a five year <br />plan for the Health Department. <br /> <br />Commissioner Brown suggested that as this five year budget is developed <br />it should be done with several levels and the cost and services provided <br />at each level. This will help when the funding level is being considered <br />so that the Board will know what services will be provided at each level. <br /> <br />Septic Tank Permit for George Wolf: Mr. Wolf had an approved <br />sewage disposal permit on his Hasting Avenue property in 1974 (10 years <br />ago). Chairman Brown reported that the Board of County Commissioners <br />visited Mr. Wolf's property on Monday July 16, at his request because <br />a renewal of that permit was going to be denied. Mr. Wolf never installed <br />a septic tank, but now he wants to sell the property and potential buyers <br />will probably want to install a septic system. Mr. Wolf did, however, <br />install a gray water system. <br /> <br />John Hayes advised that when he went to the property he was met by the <br />applicant, Mr. Barr and Mr. Wolf but he did not know that Mr. Wolf owned <br />the property. The soil logs indicated 12" to 21" of useable soils <br />over a cemented silt, sand and clay layer and a seasonal high water table. <br />Mr. Hayes explained what was needed and advised the Barr's to dig holes <br />in other areas of the property. <br /> <br />The previous permit was approved before the 1974 regulations were put <br />into effect and it would have been denied if it hadn't been approved <br />before those regulations became effective. <br />