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<br />OHDINANCE NO..YJIl=- <br /> <br />WHEREAS, that certain disease af cattle knawn as Brucella abartus <br />is present amang cattle in Jefferson Caunty, Washingtan, and, <br /> <br />\'lliEREAS, the statutes af the state af Washingtan relating to' discovery <br />and cantral af said disease and the cattle sa infected shauld in the best <br />interests of the citizens of Jefferson County and in the interests of the <br />welfare and protection of lives and praperty of said citizens be supplemented <br />and a degree of lacal inspectian and cantral provided, NOW', THEREFORE, <br /> <br />BE IT RESOLVED AND ORDAINED BY THE BOARD OF COUNTY COMHISSIONERS <br />OF JEFFEROON COUNTY, WASHINGTON, in meeting duly assembled as fallows: <br /> <br />I. <br /> <br />Unless the cantext indicates atherwise wards and phrases used in <br />this ardinance shall hav~ the fallOb~ng me.ning~ <br /> <br />'OJ <br /> <br />(l) BANG'S TEST shall be that certain blaod serum test for <br />agglutinins against Brucella abartus made in a labaratory approved by the <br />Washingtan state Department of Agriculture ar United states Bureau af Animal <br />Husbandry. <br /> <br />(2) HERD shall mean ane ar mare bavine animals kept under such <br />separate cantrol within marked baundaries~ <br /> <br />(3) HARDSHIP CASE shall mean any case in which the impasitian of <br />cantrols generally specified herein will cause an undue or extreme lass by <br />way af praperty ar incane to' any herd owner ar persan having cantrol af said <br />herd, Provided that public welfare, health and safety is nat endangered by <br />such relaxatian af cantral. <br /> <br />(4) REACTCR shall be any animal which shall be faund pasitive to' <br />the Bangs Test. <br /> <br />II.. <br /> <br />After ~l, 1955, any animal in a herd faund to' react to' the <br />Bangs' Test shall be remaved fram the premises of the awner ar persan having <br />cantral within FIFTEEN (l5) DAYS after receipt of notice to' such person <br />fram the District Health Officer or the state Department af Agriculture, <br />giving natice in writing to' such persan that the said animal, describing said <br />animal, has reacted pasitive to' the Bangs' Test. <br /> <br />The remaining animals in such herd shall be retested nat less than <br />thirty (J) days nar mare than sixty (60) days within the date of the first <br />test given s aid animal ar said herd. <br /> <br />A series af retests, with remaval and slaughter af reacting animals, <br />shall be cantinued until the herd shall have passed three successive negative <br />tests, each test being given within the above mentianed intervals,. until nO' <br />re&ctars are further faund. If upan a final test, not less than S1X (6) <br />manths nar mare than seven (7) manths fram the date af the last negative <br />test of the s aid three tests nO' reactars are faund in the herd, the herd shall <br />be deemed to' be Bangs-free. <br /> <br />M <br />~. '" 'I <br /> <br />.\,~{ <br />~( <br />