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<br />HEALTH BOARD MINUTES - November 20,2003 <br /> <br />Page: 2 <br /> <br />motivated Staff. The Relationship of Adverse Childhood Experiences to Adult Health, which showed that <br />a healthy brain structure is determined by the quality of relationship developed in the family within the <br />first year or two years of life. Those families with the most severe and long-standing issues benefit most <br />from long-term and high-intensive services. She talked about the data being collected under the Nurse- <br />Family Partnership and noted that since they have increased the programs' intensity, their biggest referral <br />source has been word of mouth. As she spends about 25% of her time on South County services and she <br />has noticed a dramatic increase in the acceptance of home visits over the years. Part of broadening their <br />program involved expanding their skills to include services that clients might not seek elsewhere - such <br />as depression screening. The study's theory of how infants and children develop correlates with the roots <br />of mental health and behavior problems has helped them sharpen their skills at identifying and working <br />with these challenges. She reiterated the importance of building a long-term relationship with clients and <br />their families. <br /> <br />Cruise Shin Sewal!e Releases Follow-un Letter from Denartment of Ecolo~: Larry Fay noted that <br />the agenda packet included a November 14 update from Dr. Tom Locke. Various agencies are paying <br />attention to this issue and the State Board of Health is interested in identifying public health issues and <br />applying pressure to the respective agencies with jurisdictional authority. As directed last month, the <br />packet also contained a letter from Dr. Locke to the Department of Ecology expressing the Board's <br />concerns about infectious waste discharges in the coastal waters surrounding Jefferson County and <br />offering his services (as a Health Officer in both counties) to sit on the committee negotiating a <br />Memorandum of Understanding between involved agencies and the Northwest Cruise Ship Association. <br />Dr. Locke has agreed to continue to keep the Board apprised on this issue. <br /> <br />Member Westerman asked for clarification on the third item in Dr. Locke's memo, regarding the State's <br />investigation of its authority to adopt administrative rules related to cruise ship discharges. Mr. Fay <br />responded that while the State Board of Health might have the authority to adopt administrative rules, <br />given the conflicting jurisdictional issues in the Strait, they are still investigating whether such rules <br />would be applicable offshore. <br /> <br />NEW BUSINESS <br /> <br />Evaluation of Existinl! On-Site Sewal!e Svstems Subcommittee U ndate: Larry Fay reported that <br />since the last meeting, Commissioner Titterness and David Sullivan participated in a subcommittee <br />meeting to further consider the permit decision matrix. <br /> <br />Linda Atkins reported on her evaluation of the 682 building permits issued in 2003. They determined <br />that about 175 might be considered as needing an EES because they include additions, alterations, a <br />plumbing increase or raising the roof (changing the square footage of the structure), change of use, decks <br />and garages. Building permits not being considered as having the potential to need an EES were <br />changing windows, re-roofing, the addition of propane and hot water tanks, and other mechanical <br />improvements. These are therefore classified as "non-building building permits." They also considered <br />the issue of land area to capture the highest risk. Only lots equal to or less than a quarter acre or within <br />200 feet of shoreline would have an EES for all of the above-referenced building permits (not including <br />the non-building building permits). Parcels greater than a quarter acre but less than five and more than <br />200 feet to the shoreline would need an EES if they are adding 120 square feet or more (based on the fact <br />