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<br /> <br /> <br />Health Board, January 19, 1983 <br />Page 2 <br /> <br />ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH DIRECTOR REPORT: Mr. Durant briefly reviewed figures <br />~n ~s wr~tten report attac ment for the month of December and for 1982 <br />as a whole. He pointed out that actual revenues for 1982 exceeded antici_ <br />pated revenues. <br /> <br />Mr. Durant noted that the two mound systems in the County have some water <br />infiltration due to the heavy rains, but that the problem can be Corrected. <br />One of the mound systems is not in use yet, and the effect of construction <br />around it is being monitored. <br /> <br />PROPOSED AMENDMENTS TO WAC 248-96: Mr. Durant presented a draft of the pro- <br />posed amendments to the State regulations regarding on-site sewage disposal <br />(attachment 6) which will be adopted by the State Board of Health on <br />February 9, 1983. Amendments which will impact on Jefferson County were <br />discussed. Mr. Durant stated that any comment regarding these proposed <br />revisions should be forwarded to the State Board of Health as Soon as <br />Possible. No comments were formulated. <br /> <br />ORGANIZATION OF BOARD OF HEALTH: Following brief discussion, Commissioner <br />O'Meara made a motion to retain Commissioner Brown as Chairman of the <br />Health Board. Commissioner Pitts seconded the motion. <br /> <br />MEETING ADJOURNED: The next regular meeting will be on February 16, 1983. <br /> <br /> <br />