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2.2 The County shall hire, assign, supervise, retain, and discipline all employees <br />according to its collective bargaining agreement, civil service rules, and state and federal <br />law. The County is acting hereunder as an independent contractor so that: <br />a. Control of personnel, standards of performance, discipline and any other <br />aspects of performance shall be governed by the County. Provided however that <br />only qualified, trained personnel meeting all of the requirements of applicable <br />State laws or regulations shall be utilized in the performance of services under <br />this Agreement. In the assignment of deputies, the County shall use, whenever <br />possible, deputies who volunteer for duty under this Agreement and/or request <br />this duty. The County and the Tribe will work together to encourage officer <br />retention to provide continuity of service. <br />b. The Tribe shall retain the right to meet and confer with the Sheriff (or his <br />or her designee) with respect to those personnel who are assigned to work under <br />this Agreement. If The Tribe has requested the reassignment of personnel and the <br />Sheriff (or his or her designee) does, in fact, reassign the personnel, the <br />reassignment shall not be considered disciplinary or in any way reflect upon the <br />performance evaluation of the deputy. Provided however, that issues of discipline <br />or performance will be specifically handled according to County policies. Nothing <br />in this Agreement shall prevent individuals from seeking promotional <br />opportunities or receiving a promotion. Sole authority to appoint the Deputies to <br />implement the County's obligations under this Agreement shall rest with the <br />Jefferson County Sheriff. <br />C. In order to maintain minimum staff for the Tribe, no more than one person <br />may be allowed to attend special unit training for each shift providing law <br />enforcement to the Tribe. <br />d. The County shall provide investigative services to The Tribe following the <br />same protocols utilized for the provision of these services to citizens of <br />unincorporated Jefferson County with the exception of major crimes, as defined <br />by the Major Crimes Act, 18 U.S.C. 1153 et seq., which remain within the <br />exclusive jurisdiction of the Federal Government. <br />2.3 The Parties agree that the County and the Tribe shall share the responsibility for <br />scheduling and operational assignments except that supervision of County employees <br />shall remain the responsibility of the County under this Agreement. The Tribe and the <br />County shall coordinate scheduling and assignment of additional policing when needed. <br />Service Agreement <br />Jefferson County Sheriff Department & Hoh Indian Tribe Page 2 <br />May 2012. <br />