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B. The Contractor may submit invoices to WSU Jefferson County Extension for <br />work completed. WSU Jefferson County Extension will review such invoices, <br />and upon approval thereof, payment will be made to the Contractor in the <br />amount approved. <br />C. County will make final payment of any balance due the Contractor promptly <br />upon its ascertainment and verification after the completion of the work under <br />this Agreement and its acceptance by the County. <br />D. Contractor records and accounts pertaining to this agreement are to be kept <br />available for inspection by representatives of the County- and state for a period <br />of six (6) years after final payments. Copies shall be made available upon <br />request. <br />E. Ownership and use of documents. The Contractor acknowledges and agrees <br />that any and all work product directly connected and/or associated with the <br />services rendered hereunder, including but not limited to all documents, <br />drawings, specifications, writings, samples, reports, pictures and the like <br />which the Contractor drafts, makes, conceives, develops in the performance of <br />the service hereunder, either solely and/or jointly with the County shall be the <br />sole and exclusive property of the County. The Contractor further <br />acknowledges that such material shall be considered work for hire and the <br />Contractor acknowledges the County's sole and exclusive right to such <br />copyright, patent, trademarks, trade names and other intellectual property right <br />claims for said materials. Other materials produced by the Contractor in <br />connection with the services rendered under this agreement shall be the <br />property of the County whether the projects for which they are made are <br />executed or not. The Contractor shall be permitted to retain copies, including <br />reproducible copies, of drawings, writings, samples, reports, and <br />specifications for information, reference, and use in connection with <br />Contractor endeavors. The Contractor agrees not to publish, submit for <br />publication, display or otherwise use said material for any reason whatsoever, <br />without the express written consent of the County. <br />Section 5. Compliance with laws <br />The Contractor shall, in performing the services contemplated by this agreement, <br />faithfully observe and comply with all federal, state, and local laws, ordinances <br />and regulations. Contractor will properly dispose of any information, which is no <br />longer needed or has been converted to another media. Jefferson County may <br />audit Contractor's access to and use of confidential information at any time or on <br />an ongoing basis. <br />Section 6. Hold Harmless and Indemnification <br />6.1 The Contractor will hold harmless, indemnify and defend the County, <br />its officers, officials, employees and agents, from and against any <br />and all claims, actions, suits, liability, loss, expenses, damages and <br />Resource Renewal - JCNWCB <br />