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1959 Resolution List[Icon]
C 385[Icon] CRP No. 184; Beaver Valley Road, County Road No. 12
C 386[Icon] CRP No. 185; Gardiner Beach Road, County Road No. 104-0.22
C 387[Icon] Budget Appropriation: Title IV - Compensating Tax
C 388[Icon] Formation of Jefferson County Civil Service Commission (Incitive Measure No. 23)
C 389[Icon] Formal Expression of the Death of Paul Richardson, County Clerk
C 389A[Icon] Transfer of Funds from the County Road Fund to the Portage Canal Bridge Bond Fund
C 390[Icon] Unlawful to Operate any Vehicle on County Road No. 216 ΓÇ£Upper Hoh RoadΓÇ¥ for One (1) Year
C 391[Icon] Acquire Real Estate in Quilcene for Creating a County Gravel Pit
C 392[Icon] CRP No. 184; Beaver Valley Road, County Road No. 12
C 393[Icon] CRP No. 189; Bituminous Surface on Certain County Roads
C 394[Icon] CRP No. 188; Portage Canal Bridge to Head of Scow Bay; County Road No. 4
C 395[Icon] CRP No. 186; Dosewallips Road; County Road No. 70
C 396[Icon] CRP No. 187; Coyle Road, County Road No. 16
C 397[Icon] CRP No. 190; Bituminous Surface on County Roads in North End
C 398[Icon] Designation of Don C. DeForest to Execute Form HEW 135
C 399[Icon] CRP No. 191; Queets River Bridge on Clear Water Road
C 400[Icon] Quit Claim Deed of Conveyance by Jefferson County to the Port of Port Townsend to Operate and Mainta
C 401[Icon] Establish Hourly Wages and Minimum Monthly Salaries for Jefferson County Employees
C 402[Icon] Budget Appropriation; Superior Court
C 403[Icon] Relinquish all Right and Title to Easement; Revert to Washington State Department of Natural Resourc
C 404[Icon] Unprecedented Call for Public Funds for Polio Vaccine
C 405[Icon] CRP No. 192; Oak Bay Road, Mill Pond Section; County Road No. 4
C 406[Icon] Elimination of Educational Special Service Fund and Creation of County SuperintendentΓÇÖs Special Se
C 407[Icon] Intent to Abandon ΓÇ£Huelsdonk BridgeΓÇ¥ on the Upper Hoh River (Owl Creek Road)
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