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1956 Resolution List[Icon]
C 284[Icon] CRP No. 147; Beckett Point Road, County Road No. 159
C 285[Icon] CRP No. 148; Griffith Road, County Road No. 27
C 286[Icon] Quit Claim Deed to State of Washington for Improvement of State Road No. 9
C 287[Icon] Transfer Funds from Inactive Funds to Current Expense
C 288[Icon] Disposition of Counties share of Federal Forest Reserve to the County Road Fund and the County Schoo
C 289[Icon] Transfer Money from Suspense Fund to Current Expense Fund
C 290[Icon] Authorization to Invest Money in US Short Term Treasury Bills
C 291[Icon] Constructing a Federal Aid Project No. FAS S-497(4)
C 292[Icon] Reconstruction of Port Townsend Railroad Overcrossing on State Highway No. 9
C 293[Icon] Call for Bids: CRP No. 148; Griffith Road, County Road No. 27
C 294[Icon] Transfer of Funds from the County Road Fund to the Portage Canal Bridge Bond Fund
C 295[Icon] Approval of Construction of Toll Bridge at the Hood Canal Bridge
C 296[Icon] Execute Agreement with Washington State Department of Highways; FAS Project No. S-497(4) Quilcene Ce
C 297[Icon] CRP No. 151; Bituminous Surface for Certain County Roads
C 298[Icon] CRP No. 152; Bituminous Surface for Certain County Roads
C 299[Icon] CRP No. 149; Oak Bay Road, County Road No. 108
C 300[Icon] CRP No. 150; East Quilcene Road, County Road No. 25
C 301[Icon] Continue Employment for Jefferson County Roads: Sigurd Swanson
C 302[Icon] Request that a Successor to John T. Rusk, Jefferson County Welfare Administrator be appointed as soo
C 303[Icon] CRP No. 153; Robbins, Meade and Springer Road
C 304[Icon] Emergency Allocation of Funds: Treasurer
C 305[Icon] Jefferson County Road System Mileage
C 306[Icon] Approve Refund of Over Tax Payment to Edward M. Hedlund
C 307[Icon] Flood Control on Hoh River
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