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1949 Resolution List[Icon]
C 070[Icon] CRP No. C-SM-35; Griffith Road Cattle Pass
C 071[Icon] CRP No. C-SM-36; Clearwater Bridge
C 072[Icon] Renew Jefferson County Airport Lease (Two Years)
C 073[Icon] Emergency Budget Appropriation: Various County Departments
C 074[Icon] Cancellation of 1948 Personal Property Taxes
C 075[Icon] Intent and Request Permission from Corps of Engineers War Department for Construction of Portage Can
C 076[Icon] CRP No. C-600-33; Irondale Streets
C 077[Icon] Emergency Repair to Road Damage Due to Weather Conditions
C 078[Icon] Execute Stockpile Permit; Washington State Department of Highways
C 079[Icon] CRP No. C-SM-37; Anderson Lake Road
C 080[Icon] CRP No. C-SM-38; Repair Winter Road Damage
C 081[Icon] Disposition of Counties share of Federal Forest Reserve to the County Road Fund and the County Schoo
C 082[Icon] CRP No. C-SM-39; Port Ludlow to Shine Turn off Road
C 083[Icon] CRP No. C-SM-40; Chimacum to Beaver Valley Road
C 084[Icon] CRP No. C-SM-41; Chimacum to Beaver Valley Road
C 085[Icon] Flood Control Project No. 5; Clearwater River (above Queets River)
C 086[Icon] Call for Bids: Asphalt Road Material
C 087[Icon] Midnight, June 1, 1949 All Clocks Advance One (1) Hour and Remain in Force Until Midnight September
C 088[Icon] Prohibit Sale of Fireworks from July 15, 1949 to June 25, 1950
C 089[Icon] CRP No. C-SM-45; Quilcene to Center Road
C 090[Icon] CRP No. C-SM-44; Marrowstone Island Road
C 091[Icon] CRP No. C-SM-43; Quilcene to Center Road
C 092[Icon] CRP No. C-SM-42; Center to Chimacum Road
C 093[Icon] Establish County Primary Road System
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