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1948 Resolution List[Icon]
C 35[Icon] Deed Conveying an Easement; Bonneville Power Administrator, USA (Marian & John Pogany, Tract No. SF-
C 36[Icon] Setting Load Limit on Timber Suspension Bridge Across Hoh River, Lower Hoh Road, County Road No. 3
C 37[Icon] Setting Load Limit on Steel and Timber Bridge Across Queets River, Clearwater Road, County Road No.
C 38[Icon] Emergency Budget Appropriation: Various County Departments
C 39[Icon] Authorize Payment to Cotton Engineering & Shipbuilding Corp. And Miller & Ahlson
C 40[Icon] Disposition of Counties share of Federal Forest Reserve to the County Road Fund and the County Schoo
C 41[Icon] Set Public Hearing re: Establishment of Fire Protection District
C 42[Icon] Emergency Repair to Road Damage Due to Weather Conditions
C 43[Icon] CRP No. 87; Oak Bay - Mats Mats Extension
C 44[Icon] CRP No. 86; Quilcene Center Chimacum Road
C 45[Icon] CRP No. C-SM-29; East End Roads
C 46[Icon] CRP No. C-600-32; Fairmount Road
C 47[Icon] Agreement for Ferry Service between Port Ludlow and Edmonds; Puget Sound Navigation Company
C 48[Icon] Deed Conveying an Easement; Bonneville Power Administrator, USA (Tract Nos. SF-90; SF-159; SF-173; S
C 48A[Icon] CRP No. C-SM-30; Leland Quilcene Road, County Road No. 37
C 49[Icon] Execute Borrow Permit Lease; Washington State Department of Highways
C 50[Icon] Daylight Saving Time; Effective June 1, 1948 until August 31, 1948
C 51[Icon] Deed Conveying an Easement; Bonneville Power Administrator, USA (Tract No. SF-101A)
C 52[Icon] Quiet Title, Cause No. 5583; Bert & Anna Gunderson
C 53[Icon] Budget Transfer; Memorial Athletic Field Fund
C 54[Icon] Establishment of Fire Protection District No. 1
C 55[Icon] CRP No. 88; Quilcene Streets and Parking Area
C 56[Icon] CRP No. C-SM-32; Oak Bay Mats Mats Road
C 57[Icon] CRP No. C-SM-33; Stockpiling Crushed Rock & Mixing Patching Materials
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