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1945 Resolution List[Icon]
B 167A[Icon] 1944 Budget Expenditures from the County Road Fund
B 168A[Icon] Sale of Equipment
B 168B[Icon] CRP No. C-600-24; Eddie BishopΓÇÖs Road (Old Ludlow); Road No. 28
B 169[Icon] Old Jefferson County Fairgrounds Land Lease (Replaced by Resolution No. C-30)
B 170[Icon] CRP No. 69; West Valley Road
B 171[Icon] CRP No. C-600-25; Shine Road
B 172[Icon] CRP No. C-600-26; Oak Bay Mats Mats Road
B 173[Icon] Vacate Attridge Addition; Monte Label, Applicant
B 174[Icon] Grant Franchise for Power Lines; Public Utility District No. 1 (PUD) of Clallam County (50 Years)
B 175[Icon] CRP No. C-600-27; Dabob Road
B 176[Icon] CRP No. C-SM-24; Port Townsend City Streets Improvement
B 177[Icon] CRP No. C-SM-21; Linger Longer Quilcene Leland Roads
B 178[Icon] CRP No. C-SM-23; Paper Mill - Road
B 179[Icon] CRP No. C-SM-22; Chimacum to Quilcene
B 180[Icon] Disposition of Counties share of Federal Forest Reserve to the County Road Fund and the County Schoo
B 181[Icon] CRP No. 70; Broad Spit Road
B 182[Icon] Emergency Budget Appropriation; Jefferson County Veterans
B 183[Icon] Emergency Budget Appropriation; Prosecuting Attorney
B 184[Icon] CRP No. C-600-28; Tuckey's Addition to the City of Port Townsend
B 185[Icon] CRP No. 71; Shine Road
B 186[Icon] CRP No. C-8; Lower Hoh Bridge Replacement
B 187[Icon] CRP No. C-600-29; Griffith Road Culvert Replacement
B 188[Icon] Lease Property for Emergency Air Field; Army Air Field at Station Prairie
B 189[Icon] CRP No. 73; Shoulder Widening for Walkway on Sims Way
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