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1943 Resolution List[Icon]
B 088[Icon] CRP No. SM-500-5; Improve a Timber Bridge on Shine Road
B 089[Icon] Emergency Fund for Sheriff’s Office
B 090[Icon] Budget Transfer from Construction Item of the County Road Budget to the Overhead and Operations Item
B 091[Icon] Load Restriction on County Roads Due to Sub-Zero Weather
B 092[Icon] Emergency Payment of Elected Official Bonds
B 093[Icon] CRP No. SM-6; Mats Mats Road, Chimacum-Center Road and Chimacum-Port Ludlow Road
B 094[Icon] CRP No. SM-8; Nordland Road Bituminous Surface
B 095[Icon] CRP No. SM-7; Martin Ness, Station Prairie and Irondale-Hadlock Roads Bituminous Surface
B 096[Icon] CRP No. 55; Hastings Avenue Loop Road
B 097[Icon] CRP No. 58; Port Townsend Streets Bituminous Surface
B 098[Icon] CRP No. 59 FR; Nansen Anderson Road
B 099[Icon] CRP No. 57; Washington Street Grade
B 100[Icon] CRP No. 56; Snahapish River Road
B 101[Icon] Emergency Budget Transfer; From Forest Reserve Funds to Civilian Defense Purpose Fund
B 102[Icon] Authorize W. J. Daly, Port of Port Townsend Manager to Secure Enrollment with the Treasury Departmen
B 103[Icon] Transfer and Convey All County Owned Tidelands Abutting Upon Property Described (Indian Island) to t
B 104[Icon] Reduce Auditor's Bond from $10,000 to $5,000
B 105[Icon] Transfer of Land Within the Olympic National Park to the US Forest Service to be Administered on a S
B 106[Icon] Disposition of Counties share of Federal Forest Reserve to the County Road Fund and the County Schoo
B 107[Icon] Refund on County Land Clearing Bulldozer Operations
B 108[Icon] CRP No. SM-10; Lower Hoh River Road
B 109[Icon] CRP No. SM-11; Lower Hoh Road (Rebuild Existing Bridge)
B 110[Icon] Resolution Cancelled
B 111[Icon] CRP No. SM-7; Chimacum Hadlock Road
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