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1942 Resolution List[Icon]
April 8, 1942[Icon] Setting Speed Limit (40 MPH) on Jefferson County Roads (April 8, 1942 - Book M, Page 533)
April 8, 1942 ‎(2)‎[Icon] Emergency Resolution to Pay 1941 Invoice from the Fire Protection Fund (April 8, 1942 - Book M, Page
B 43[Icon] Impose Load Restrictions to the County Road System Due to Sub-Zero Weather (January 9, 1942 - Book M
B 44[Icon] CRP; Hastings Avenue Extension Improvement (January 9, 1942 - Book M Page 527)
B 44 ‎(2)‎[Icon] Budget Appropriation; Repair of County Roads (March 2, 1942 - Book M, Page 531)
B 45[Icon] Bituminous Surface Improvement on Certain City of Port Townsend Streets (January 9, 1942 - Book M, P
B 45 ‎(2)‎[Icon] Warrant Draw for Milwaukee Land Company “Declaration of Take” (March 2, 1942 - Book M, Page 531)
B 46[Icon] Emergency Situation of National Defense for Protection and Maintenance of County Roads (January 9, 1
B 46 ‎(2)‎[Icon] Correct List of Quantities for CRP No. 39 (March 6, 1942 - Book M, Page 532)
B 46A[Icon] Refund of Property Taxes; W. J. Buhler and J. J. Lafferty (March 5, 1942 - Book M, Page 531)
B 47[Icon] Correct List of Quantities for CRP No. 29 (Resolution Book Indicates this Resolution is VOID - Appro
B 48[Icon] CRP; Mats Mats - Oak Bay Road (January 19, 1942 - Book M, Page 528)
B 49[Icon] Cancellation of Warrants (February 19, 1942 - Book M, Page 529)
B 50[Icon] Number Not Used
B 51[Icon] Proceed to Seattle to Get Some Action to Secure Money in Federal County from the Taking of Certain L
B 52[Icon] CRP No. 47; Chimacum to Center Road
B 53[Icon] CRP No. 50; Lake Leland Road
B 54[Icon] CRP No. 49; Quilcene Streets Bituminous Surface
B 55[Icon] CRP No. 46; Shine Road
B 56[Icon] CRP No. 48; Paper Mill Road
B 57[Icon] Proceed to Seattle to Secure a Trained Medical Man to Succeed Dr. Garrison (at Public Expense)
B 58[Icon] Dedication of County Property for Public Use and Enjoyment; Block #4 in Mountain View Addition to th
B 59[Icon] Vacate Portion of State Road No. 9 and State Secondary Road No. 9E
B 60[Icon] Transfer of Funds from the Federal Forest Reserve Fund to the County Road Fund
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