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#069[Icon] Budget Appropriation; Various Departments
#070[Icon] Sale of County Owned Property
#071-1930[Icon] CRP No. 7; Change Plans - Correct List of Quantities
#072[Icon] Rental of Clearing Equipment for Agricultural Purposes to Landowners
#073[Icon] Gas Tax Receipts Expended for Maintenance, Construction and Administration
#074[Icon] CRP No. SM 1; Queets River Bridge Redecking to be made part of 1939 Operations
#075[Icon] CRP No. 6; West Chimacum Valley 1938 Project - Withdrawn
#076[Icon] Order Sale of County Owned Property
#077[Icon] Improve Portions of Dosewallips River Road
#078[Icon] Establish County AuditorΓÇÖs Revolving Fund
#079[Icon] Land Clearing Program Approved a Normal Functions of the Agricultural Department
#080[Icon] Improve Various County and City of Port Townsend Streets
#081[Icon] Reimburse Road District No. 1 from the County Property Current Expense Fund
#082[Icon] Sale of County Owned Property
#083[Icon] Proceed to the State Capitol at Olympia (at Public Expense)
#084[Icon] Set Aside for Construction Purposes as a Supplemental Budget
#085[Icon] Improve Oak Bay Mats Mats Bay Road
#086[Icon] Improve Camp Parsons, Bee Mill Road
#087[Icon] Improve West Chimacum Valley Road
#088[Icon] Improve Beckett Point Road
#089[Icon] Sale of County Owned Property
#090[Icon] Protest Transfer of Works Progress Administration Personnel from County Improvement Work to US Gover
#091[Icon] Set Aside Funds to Improve City of Port Townsend and County Roads
#092[Icon] Proceed to the City of Shelton for a Joint CommissionerΓÇÖs Meeting (at Public Expense)
#093[Icon] Sale of County Owned Property
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