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Agreement re: Administering Surcharge Funds Generated From ESSHB2163 Page: 2 <br />Create a homeless task force which in turn will develop a ten-year <br />homeless housing plan for Jefferson County's jurisdictional area, <br />consistent with the states temporary guidelines for 2005 and in <br />accordance with SSHB2163 and continuing reports as required by <br />the state of Washington. <br />2. To enhance existing homeless programs and develop new homeless <br />facilities that is consistent with the needs of the ten-year plan. <br />3. To facilitate the use of additional resources in addition to SSHB2163 <br />funds as they relate to the development of projects that will reduce <br />homeless populations in Jefferson County. <br />Olympic Community Action Programs shall administer and expand these funds to serve <br />homeless people and families in need throughout the incorporated and unincorporated <br />areas of Jefferson County. <br />Olympic Community Action Programs may per Sections 10, 11, and 12 prepare <br />applications for grants from the state homeless housing grant fund as well as other funds <br />which will be agreed to under a separate agreement between Port Townsend, Jefferson <br />County and Olympic Community Action Programs. <br />D. This agreement shall remain in full force and effect until: <br />1. Olympic Community Action Programs provides at least (30) days <br />prior, written notice to the county of its intention to terminate its <br />service as the administering agency; or, <br />2. The parties agree in writing to terminate the agreement upon not less <br />than ninety (90) days prior, written notice to Olympic Community <br />Action Programs, whichever occurs first. <br />E. Olympic Community Action Programs shall at least annually provide <br />Jefferson County with a written summary of the funds expended under the <br />terms of this agreement. <br />F. For the purposes of R.C.W. 39.34.030(4)(a), the Jefferson County Board of <br />Commissioners is designated as the administrator responsible for <br />overseeing and administering the joint or cooperative undertaking <br />contemplated by this agreement (i.e., the joint designation of an <br />