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568350 Page 2 of 42 07103/201212:13 PM <br />• <br />INTERLOCAL AGREEMENT REGARDING EMERGENCY <br />DISPATCHING, COMMUNICATIONS AND OTHER PUBLIC <br />SAFETY SERVICES <br />WHEREAS, the parties to this agreement are empowered to provide emergency <br />communications and public safety services to the citizens within their respective ju is 'ctions <br />and may, therefore, pursuant to RCW 39.34.010 et seq., enter into an Interloc m nt with <br />one another and with other public agencies to perform such services; and, <br />WHEREAS, the parties to this agreement have been operating an em ge cy c m unctions <br />dispatch center and systems capable of providing emergency communic 'on ices to law <br />enforcement agencies, fire departments, fire districts and emerge me i a er ices providers <br />within Jefferson County; and, l 1 <br />U <br />WHEREAS, the parties to this agreement believe eme g dispa d communications <br />services as well as other services would be best serve b being a aged solely through a <br />"JefTCom Administrative Board"; and, <br />WHEREAS, the parties hereto recognize that/it-Is in the be terests of the citizens within their <br />respective jurisdictions and in the furtherance th ealth, safety and welfare of the citizens to <br />have a unified emergency dispatch and commuunic 'o system having the advantage of <br />economies of scale; and, <br />WHEREAS, the governing body of�g�a Naafi solved, agreed, or ordained that this <br />Interlocal Agreement may be entered i o; <br />NOW, THEREFORE, in consi ion th mutual covenants contained herein, it is hereby <br />agreed as follows: 0 <br />I. DEFINITIONS <br />A._JeffCom: The nim th int oval administrative agency created by this agreement. <br />B. The Parties. a stp this agreement are Jefferson County, the City of Port Townsend, <br />and Jefferson C/6vntvqiiv P otection Districts 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. They may be collectively referred <br />to herein as "tl�e Iiartie�" �r individually, as in "each Party" or "a Party". <br />February 23, 2012 <br />• <br />rtion: The amount of money chargeable to each Party as its share of capital <br />Oce and operational expenses for the emergency communications system. The <br />ion is determined by the formula in Appendix A, which by this reference is <br />ted into and made a part of this agreement. <br />