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INTERLOCAL COOPERATION AGREEMENT FOR <br />THE CREATION OF A COUNCIL OF GOVERNMENT <br />THIS AGREEMENT, made and entered into this Sth day of <br />February , 1982, by and between the counties of ays Harbor, <br />Pacific, Jefferson and Clallam, herein after collectively referred to as the <br />parties, WITNESSETH: <br />WHEREAS, the parties have a mutual interest in forming a council of <br />government (C.O.G.) to facilitate the organization and operation of an AREA GENCY <br />ON AGING (designated PSA No. 1 of the Department of Social and Health Services <br />Aging Network) and <br />WHEREAS, RCW Chapter 39.34, entitled the "Interlocal Cooperation Act" <br />permits local governmental units to make the most effective use of their power <br />by enabling them to cooperate with other local governmental units on the basis <br />of mutual advantage, and thereby provide planning and administrative services <br />in a manner that will accord best with the geographic, economic and population <br />factors, and <br />WHEREAS, the Older Americans Act of 1965, as now and hereafter amended, <br />and RCW Title 74.38 provide for the establishment of Area Agencies within re- <br />gional areas within the state, and <br />WHEREAS, the County of Pacific has consented to serve as Host County <br />to provide fiscal management services, now, therefore, for the Area Agency on Aging <br />IN CONSIDERATION of the mutual promises and covenants contained herein, <br />the parties agree as follows: <br />1. PURPOSE: The purpose of this agreement is to enable the parties <br />to organize an od perate an Area Agency on Aging within the boundaries of Grays <br />Harbor, Pacific, Jefferson and Clallam Counties, to prepare an "Area Plan for <br />Programs on Aging" and to receive and administer grants for programs for the <br />elderly. Each party hereto agrees to cooperate in all respects in order to carry <br />out the letter and spirit of this agreement. <br />2. ADMINISTRATION: The parties jointly agree that the Grays Harbor-- <br />Pacific--Jefferson--Clallam <br />arbor-- <br />Pacific--Jefferson--C a amC.O.G. shall be the prime administrative body of the <br />contemplated agency. Each of the parties shall have an equal vote when the <br />C.O.G. is conducting business relating to the administration of the AREA AGENCY <br />ON AGING. Each of the paries shall be represented by two County Commissioners <br />designated regular members and may designate an alternate County Commissibner to <br />serve in the absence of a regular member. A majority vote of the members of the <br />C.O.G. shall be sufficient to produce official action. The C.O.G. shall establish <br />a regular meeting schedule and meeting place. The C.O.G. may meet as needed upon <br />special call. The C.O.G. shall promulgate by-laws governing the questions such <br />as meeting format, Quorum, voting, financing and other objectives as set forth in <br />this agreement. The parties further jointly agrge that Pacific County shall be <br />responsible for the fiscal management of the AREA AGENCY ON AGING. <br />3. POWERS: The Grays Harbor--Pacific--Jefferson--Clallam C.O.G. shall <br />have the power to develop an area plan for programs on aging, receive and ad- <br />minister funds granted for programs and services for the elderly; establish a <br />