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O(� % 9 '9 s <br /> kGREEMEN FOR 2019 HOTEL-MOTEL FUNDING FOR TOURISM SERVICES <br /> O CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND VISITOR CENTER <br /> This Agreement is by and between JEFFERSON COUNTY(hereinafter known as <br /> "COUNTY" and the FORKS CHAMBER OF COMMERCE(hereinafter known as "FCC"). <br /> WHEREAS,the FCC is a non-profit corporation of the State of Washington; and <br /> WHEREAS, the COUNTY desires to promote tourism by providing information to guests, <br /> support and staff to information centers in unincorporated West Jefferson County, as well as <br /> workshops, conferences and materials to enhance productivity of visitor information centers in the <br /> promotion of the tourism industry, as authorized by Chapter 67.28 RCW and Jefferson County <br /> Code Chapter 3.25; and <br /> WHEREAS,the Jefferson County Lodging Tax Advisory Committee reviewed and <br /> recommended funding the lodging tax proposal by the Forks Chamber of Commerce; <br /> IN CONSIDERATION of the mutual covenants and agreements herein it is agreed by the <br /> parties as follows: <br /> SECTION 1: SERVICES TO BE PERFORMED. The FCC shall use its capabilities and utilize <br /> the funding provided under this agreement to continue and update the ongoing performance of the <br /> following tourism promotion services, as outlined below and consistent with the proposed FCC <br /> Lodging Tax budget, a copy of which are incorporated herein and attached hereto as Exhibit A: <br /> 1. Provide for seasonal (May-September) Olympic National Park staffing at the Kalaloch <br /> Visitor Center to provide visitor information services there, consistent with a negotiated <br /> agreement with Olympic National Park. <br /> 2. Provide summer seasonal staffing at the Forks Visitor Information Center. <br /> 3. Update, print and distribute a West End tourism map and the Mick Dodge Coloring Sheets. <br /> 4. Be the focal point for support of the West End participation in tourism promotional <br /> activities included but not limited to: web page update and web site hosting; distribution of <br /> Jefferson County tourism information and materials through the Kalaloch Visitor Center <br /> and the Forks Visitor Information Center; and participate in Joint Marketing and other <br /> tourism promotion activities. <br /> SECTION 2: RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE FORKS CHAMBER OF COMMERCE <br /> 1. On or before January 31; April 30; July 31; October 31,2019; and January 31, 2020, <br /> provide to the COUNTY: <br /> • A quarterly report of the use, services,programs and activities of the FCC under this <br /> Agreement for the prior quarter; <br /> • A quarterly financial statement detailing revenues, expenses and cash balances for the <br /> prior quarter; and for the final quarter report,the financial statement shall also include a <br /> detailed financial statement for all 2019. <br /> Page 1 of 8 Forks Chamber of Commerce <br />