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in : CS L),2 1 1 (111W3 '• 04, <br /> PROFESSIONAL SERVICES AGREEMENT FOR <br /> JEFFERSON COUNTY FORESTRY FEASIBILITY STUDY <br /> This Professional Services Agreement("this Agreement") is entered into between the County of <br /> Jefferson, a municipal corporation("the County"), and Chickadee Forestry ("the Consultant"), in <br /> consideration of the mutual benefits,terms, and conditions specified below. <br /> 1. Project Designation. The Consultant is retained by the County to assess Jefferson County <br /> forest resources and determine whether the County could establish and maintain a <br /> revenue producing, profitable and sustainable forestry program. <br /> 2. Scope of Services. Consultant agrees to perform the services and provide the <br /> deliverables identified on Exhibit"A" attached hereto, including the provision of all <br /> labor. Deliverables will be peer reviewed by Mr. Mike Cronin prior to delivering to <br /> Jefferson County. <br /> 3. Time for Performance. Work under this Agreement shall commence upon the giving of <br /> written notice by the County to the Consultant to proceed. The Consultant receipt of an <br /> executed contract shall constitute said notice. Consultant shall perform all services and <br /> provide all work product required pursuant to this Agreement no later than June 30, 2019. <br /> Time is of the essence in the performance of this Agreement. <br /> 4. Payment. The Consultant shall be paid by the County for completed work and for <br /> services rendered under this Agreement as follows: <br /> a. Payment to Consultant shall not exceed $15,600 without express written <br /> modification of this Agreement signed by the County. <br /> b. The Consultant may submit invoices to the County once per month during the <br /> progress of the work for partial payment for project completed to date. Such <br /> vouchers will be checked by the County, and upon approval thereof,payment will <br /> be made to the Consultant in the amount approved. Payment of Consultant <br /> invoices shall be within 30 days of receipt by the County for any services not in <br /> dispute based on the terms of this Agreement. <br /> c. Final payment of any balance due the Consultant of the total contract price earned <br /> will be made promptly upon its ascertainment and verification by the County after <br /> the completion of the work under this Agreement and its acceptance by the <br /> County. <br /> Professional Services Agreement, Contract A, Version 1, Risk Legal Review Date 04/30/2018 Page 1 of 10 <br />