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INTERGOVERNMENTAL COOPERATIVE <br />PURCHASING AGREEMENT <br />In accordance with RCW Chapter 39.34 and to all other applicable laws, Jefferson <br />County,_WA and the City of Redmond, hereby agree to cooperative governmental <br />purchasing agreement for various supplies, materials, equipment and services, using <br />competitively awarded contracts. The following terms and conditions shall apply: <br />Each agency, in contracting for the purchase of supplies, materials, equipment and <br />services, agrees at its discretion, to extend contracts for shared use to the extent <br />permitted by law and agreed upon by those parties and suppliers. <br />2. Each agency is responsible for compliance with any additional or varying laws and <br />regulations regarding purchases. <br />3. Any purchases shall be effected by a purchase order from the purchasing agency <br />and directed to the supplier(s). <br />4. The originating contracting agency does not accept responsibility or liability for the <br />performance of any supplier used by the purchasing agency as a result of this <br />agreement. <br />5. Each agency shall be responsible for the payment of any item(s) purchased through <br />a contract or purchase order that resulted from this Agreement. <br />6. Each agency reserves the right to exclude the other from any particular purchasing <br />contract, with or without notice to the other party. <br />7. This Agreement shall remain in force until cancelled by either party, which <br />cancellation may be effected by ten (10) days written notice to the other party. <br />8. This agreement covers all City contracts. <br />Accepted for the City of edmo : <br />By: ' <br />Name: <br />Title: F 5 , �7 tj/ de S <br />Date: ( 3 ! 1 <br />n Cou <br />Name: <br />Title: G"- , 1� 6 r G <br />Date: `12 q11 <br />Approved as to <br />oz Date: <br />Philip C. Hunsucker, Chief Civil Deputy Prosecuting fkttorney <br />Jefferson County Prosecuting Attorney's Office torney <br />