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Associate Development Organization Certification/Designation Form <br /> (For use by County officials.) <br /> JEFFERSON affirms/designates the Economic Development Council <br /> of Jefferson County <br /> (Name of County) (Name of ADO) <br /> as the Associate Development Organization to coordinate economic development services for <br /> the county under contract with the Washington State Department of Commerce. Consistent <br /> with statutory requirements: <br /> 1. xi The prospective ADO is a non-profit organization. <br /> OR <br /> n A public entity that has formed an authority or committee with full <br /> operating authority to carry out the duties of the ADO. It is important to <br /> recognize that this group would have its own authority and budget, not just <br /> the power to recommend actions/plans/expenses. <br /> 2. Economic development is the primary mission of the prospective ADO, <br /> and not just a secondary activity. This can be demonstrated with a written <br /> mission statement in a brochure, web-page, newsletter, etc. It may also be <br /> documented in the organization's by-laws. <br /> 3. For economic interests in the county, this organization serves as a <br /> networking tool and resource hub for business retention, expansion, and <br /> relocation in Washington. <br /> 4. This organization has/will have the capacity during the period under <br /> contract with Commerce to carryout work activities as detailed in RCW <br /> 43.330.080 <br /> This designation is effective on the date signed below, and shall remain in effect for the 2019- <br /> 2021 biennium (07/01/2019-06/30/2021). Please provide documentation of the County <br /> executive or governing body's action designating the above-identified organization as <br /> the ADO. <br /> Signa ure Print Name <br /> Kate Dean <br /> Title: Chair Date: May 28, 2019 <br /> PLEASE SUBMIT THIS FORM AND DOCUMENTATION TO: <br /> Diana Divens, Contracts Coordinator <br /> Office of Economic Development and Competitiveness <br /> Washington State Department of Commerce <br /> Post Office Box 42525 <br /> Olympia, WA 98504-2525 <br /> 360-725-4187 <br /> Revised(04/04/19) <br />