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<br />Minutes, Health Board October 19, 1983 <br />Page 2: <br /> <br />The Board advised Randy that John Raymond, the Prosecuting Attorney, would <br />be writing a letter to Mr. Hammer explaining the County's position on <br />the status of his sewage disposal and building permits for Lot 91, Division 1, <br />on Protection Island. <br /> <br />Family Planning; Funding request: A letter from Teresa Goldsmith, Clinic <br />Manager ot the Clallam-Jetterson Counties Family Planning Services, request- <br />ing $500 from the Health Department to help fund the Clinic was discussed. <br /> <br />The Board felt that this is a worthwhile project but concern was expressed <br />about the current constraints on the County and the Health Department <br />budgets. No action will be taken until the budget hearings are held to <br />determine if the County can help. Gael Stuart will write to advise Family <br />Planning of this delay. Attachment 1. <br /> <br /> <br />Employment of a new Environmental Health Specialist: Randy Durant reported <br />that tive or six people are scheduled tor interviews next Tuesday October <br />25, 1983. Three of the interviewees have the experience required for the <br />position. Of those called for interviews, only one has confirmed so far <br />and none have cancelled. <br /> <br />Request for Variance to Food Ordinance; Susan R. Dover: Randy Durant <br />read Susan R. Dover's letter requesting a variance trom the Food Ordinance <br />which requires toilet facilities for each sex in all food service establish- <br />ments. Her establishment, the "Fish Market" at 333 Benedict, will not be <br />offering "sit down" dining. Attachment 3. <br /> <br />A variance was granted for Susan Dover before when she operated King Arthur's <br />Two, Randy advised. Since there is no reason to believe that this will <br />create a health hazard, Commissioner Piits moved and Commissioner O'Meara <br />seconded, to grant the variance to the Food Ordinance as requested by Susan <br />Dover. Unanimous. <br /> <br />Nursing Director Report: Attachment 4. Mrs. Bee reported that influenza <br />immunizations are almost up to the level of last year's total already. Clinics <br />in Quilcene, Chima cum and Brinnon as well as the Health Department have been <br />larger than in the past. The King County Health Department has been adver- <br />tising on television which may be having an affect on the number of requests. <br /> <br />School screening has been done in Quilcene and Brinnon with scheduling <br />for Chimacum and Port Townsend presently being set up. Since head lice <br />has become a problem, a film was shown to teachers and parents in Quilcene. <br />There is quite a bit of educational material available on head lice. <br /> <br />Environmental Health Director Report: In his monthly report Randy Durant <br />noted that the number ot site evaluations are running higher than last year <br />(171 in 1983 to 142 in 1982) and appear to be popular, while septic tank <br />and drainfield permits are at the same level. A handout is being developed <br />to outline the differences between the site evaluation and a septic tank <br />permit. <br />Attachment 5 <br />