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<br />ADVISORY BOARD SPECIAL MEETING AGENDA <br />Wednesday, August 13, 2014 11am to 1pm <br />Jefferson County Courthouse, First Floor Conference Room <br /> <br />1. OPENING BUSINESS <br />a) Call to order <br />b) Introductions, welcome Greg Graves new member from District 2 <br />c) Public comment period <br />d) Agenda - review and adoption <br />e) Minutes - Approve minutes from July 2, 2014 Meeting <br />2. OLD BUSINESS <br />a) Action regarding the proposal to recommend a Food Bank Facility at Chimacum Park <br />b) Friends of Parks and Recreation Report <br />3. NEW BUSINESS <br />a) Interview with Tim Thomas <br />b) Parks, Recreation and Open Space Comprehensive Plan (PROS plan): <br /> <br />Time Item Materials <br />11:30 a.m. Welcome and Introductions (Matt Tyler) Roster of JCPRAB members <br />11:35 a.m. Meeting Purpose, Agenda Review, Desired Meeting Outcomes <br />(Arvilla Ohlde) <br />Agenda <br />11:45 a.m. <br /> <br />Present PROS Plan update schedule: (Matt Tyler & Arvilla Ohlde) <br />· Review and update schedule/recommend changes <br />· Set park tour and discuss inventory <br />Printed Schedule <br />Preliminary Park Inventory <br />Park Tour Itinerary <br />12:00 noon Community Questionnaire: (Arvilla Ohlde) <br />· Review status of existing public input <br />· Discussion on need for enhanced public contact or survey <br />· General Discussion on public input progress <br />· Contact input/ideas <br />Review of ERPRC 2012 MIG, <br />Inc. questionnaire results. <br />12:25 p.m. Update Goals & Strategies: (Arvilla Ohlde) <br />· Review existing goals and strategies <br />· Discussions on recommended changes and input process <br />· Decision on updates, changes or acceptance of existing <br />· Identify work product for #2 JCPRAB meeting <br />Existing Goals printed <br />Wall Charts <br /> Comments <br />12:50 p.m. Next Steps: <br />Define and recommend update on public input; Inventory collection <br />continues for draft update. Report on update review by JCPRAB <br />and changes to chapters for: Mission/Goals/Objectives; existing <br />inventory; survey update and workshop status. <br />Potential Agenda Topics <br /> <br /> <br />4. ADJOURN