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<br />CHAPTER 2 <br />GOALS AND OBJECTIVES <br /> <br />The framework for the Parks, Recreation and Open Space Comprehensive Plan lies with the Goals <br />and Objectives, when implemented , help guide Jefferson County’s vision for the guidance of <br />parks and recreation over the next six years. <br /> <br />MISSION STATEMENT <br />The Mission of Jefferson County Parks and Recreation is to improve the health, <br />welfare, and safety of the citizenry; protect the environment, and promote economic <br />development through state of the art recreational and educational programs and <br />facilities supported by public tax revenue, fees, grants and private donations. The <br />vision of Jefferson County Parks and Recreation is not to s erve every purpose, but <br />to lead towards cooperation and comprehensive community solutions. <br /> <br /> <br /> ADMINISTRATIVE GOAL <br /> <br />#1 SUSTAINABLE RESOURCES AND COORDINATED MANAGEMENT: Create <br />effective and efficient methods of acquiring, developing, operating and maintaining facilities and <br />programs that accurately distribute costs and benefits to public and private interests. <br />Financial Objectives: <br />a. Investigate innovative available methods, such as growth impact fees, land set-a-side or <br />fee-in-lieu-of-donation ordinances, and inter-local agreements, for the financing of <br />facility development, maintenance, and operating needs in order to reduce costs, retain <br />financial flexibility, match user benefits and interests, and increase facility services. <br />b. Consider joint ventures with other public and private agencies such as Port Townsend, <br />the Port Townsend, Chimacum, Quilcene, and Brinnon School Districts, regional, state, <br />federal, and other public and private agencies including for-profit concessionaires, <br />where feasible and desirable. <br />Public and private resource coordination: <br />a. Create a comprehensive, balanced park, recreation, and open space system that <br />integrates Jefferson County facilities and services with resources available from Port <br />Townsend, the Port Townsend, Chimacum, Quilcene, and Brinnon School Districts, and <br />other state, federal, and private park and recreational lands and facilities in a manner <br />that will best serve and provide for resident area interests. <br />b. Cooperate with other public and private agencies to avoid duplication, improve facility <br />quality and availability, reduce costs, and represent resident area interests through joint <br />planning and development efforts. <br /> <br />Cost Benefit Assessment Objective: <br />a. Define existing and proposed land and facility levels-of-service that differentiate <br />requirements due to population growth impacts versus improved facility standards, <br />neighborhood versus county nexus of benefit, city versus the combination of city, <br />county, school, and other provider agency efforts in order to effectively plan and