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CC% <br />.,�N11•31.16 <br />�SBY -LAWS <br />JEFFERSON COUNTY PARKS AND RECREATION ADVISORY BOARD <br />SECTION 1 AUTHORITY: These by -laws are promulgated by the Board of Jefferson County <br />Commissioners, who herein direct the formation of the Jefferson County Parks and Recreation Advisory <br />Board. The committee shall be known hereafter as the "Jefferson County Parks and Recreation Advisory <br />Board," hereafter referred to as the BOARD. The Board of Jefferson County Commissioners is hereafter <br />referred to as the COMMISSION. <br />SECTION 2 MEMBERSHIP: The BOARD shall be comprised of nine members residing in Jefferson County, <br />representing equally each county commissioner's district. Vacant seats on the BOARD will be advertised <br />in the official county newspaper, and persons requesting appointment will be interviewed by the <br />Department of Public Works and the COMMISSION. The chairman of the COMMISSION shall appoint <br />members to the BOARD with approval of a majority of the COMMISSION members. Upon completion of <br />a member's term, the member may request reappointment of successive terms by the COMMISSION. <br />Members shall serve either one, two or three year terms, established by lot. A vacancy of an unexpired <br />term shall be filled by an appointment by the COMMISSION of a length necessary to complete the term. <br />A member may be removed for cause by the chairman of the COMMISSION upon recommendation of a <br />majority of BOARD members. Irregular attendance for scheduled meetings shall be grounds for a <br />recommendation to the COMMISSION that an individual be removed from the BOARD. <br />A leave of absence may be granted by the Chairman of the BOARD for a period not to exceed ninety (90) <br />days. Any unexcused leave of absence in excess of ninety (90) days shall render the position unfilled, and <br />it shall be filled as established in Section 2, Paragraph 2. <br />SECTION 3 MEMBERS RESPONSIBILITIES AND DUTIES: The BOARD will assist in the development of <br />programs and policies concerning Jefferson County parks and recreation. It will review and comment <br />upon proposed rules, policies or ordinances prior to their adoption by the COMMISSION. The BOARD will <br />oversee the development and any revisions to the Jefferson County Parks, Open Space and Recreation <br />Plan and official amendments thereto, and carry out those duties prescribed therein. The BOARD from <br />time to time may also make inquiries, or develop reports or recommendations. <br />The BOARD shall report in all matters referred to it within forty (40) days or within such time as specified <br />by the COMMISSION. The report of the BOARD shall be advisory only. <br />SECTION 4 OFFICERS: Officers of the BOARD shall be the chairman and vice chairman. The chairman and <br />vice chairman shall be elected annually, from among its members, at the first meeting held in <br />December. A member shall serve no more than one (1) consecutive year as chairman or vice chairman. <br />In the absence of both the chairman and vice chairman at a meeting or workshop, members present <br />may elect for that session a temporary chairman to perform those duties prescribed by Section S of <br />these by -laws. The chairman shall sign all correspondence on behalf of the BOARD. <br />Jefferson County Parks and Recreation Advisory Board By -Laws <br />Page 1 of 4 <br />