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-? 969a-- <br />.� 0 <br />CONTRACT <br />JEFFERSON COUNTY, WASHINGTON <br />THIS AGREEMENT, made and entered into this day of Fevrua p'L` , 20 /P_, between the COUNTY <br />OF JEFFERSON, acting through the Jefferson County Commissioners and the —D ector of Public Works under and by <br />virtue of Title 36, RCW, as amended and Bruch and Bruch Construction of Port Angeles, Washington hereinafter called <br />the Contractor. <br />WITNESSETH: <br />That in consideration of the terms and conditions contained herein and attached and made a part of this agreement, the <br />parties hereto covenant and agree as follows: <br />1. The Contractor agrees to furnish all labor and equipment and do certain work, to -wit: That the Contractor herein <br />will undertake and complete the following described work: <br />Emergency replacement of culverts and minor realignment of roadway at Undie Road (County Road No 150009) <br />at Milepost 1.1 as directed by the Engineer in accordance with the rates and provisions attached hereto <br />for the total sum not to exceed Fifty five thousand dollars ($55,000.00). Work is to be directed by the County Engineer <br />and his designee(s) and will be in accordance with any relevant plans and specifications developed for the project and <br />specifically transmitted to the Contractor which may include reference to the Washington State Department of <br />Transportation Standard Specifications. No minimum amount of work is guaranteed. <br />The Contractor shall complete the described work as follows: Work to proceed immediately following verbal <br />authorization by the County Engineer and to be pursued at the direction of the County Engineer and his designee(s) until <br />work is complete or otherwise terminated by the County. <br />2. The County of Jefferson hereby promises and agrees with the Contractor to employ, and does employ the <br />Contractor to furnish the goods and equipment described and to furnish the same according to the attached specifications <br />and the terms and conditions herein contained, and hereby contracts to pay for the same according to the attached <br />specifications and the schedule of unit or itemized prices hereto attached, at the time and in the manner and upon the <br />condition provided for in this contract. The County further agrees to employ the Contractor to perform any alterations in <br />or additions to the work provided for in this contract that may be ordered and to pay for the same under the terms of this <br />contract and the attached specifications at the time and in the manner and upon the conditions provided for in this <br />contract. <br />3. The Contractor for himself, and for his heirs, executor, administrators, successors, and assigns, does hereby agree <br />to the full performance of all the covenants herein contained upon the part of the Contractor. <br />4. Prior to commencing work, the Contractor shall obtain at its own cost and expense the following insurance from <br />companies licensed in the State with a Best's rating of no less than A: VII. The Contractor shall provide to the County <br />Risk Manager certificates of insurance with original endorsements affecting insurance required by this clause prior to the <br />commencement of work to be performed. <br />The insurance policies required shall provide that thirty (30) days prior to cancellation, suspension, reduction or <br />material change in the policy, notice of same shall be given to the County Risk Manager by registered mail, return receipt <br />requested, for all of the following stated insurance policies. <br />If any of the insurance requirements are not complied with at the renewal date of the insurance policy, payments to the <br />Contractor shall be withheld until all such requirements have been met, or at the option of the County, the County may <br />pay the renewal premium and withhold such payments from the moneys due The Contractor. <br />Revised 3/2015 Pagel of 8 <br />