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JEFFERSON COUNTY <br />Sheet 1 of 2 • <br />DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WORKS <br />Date: 2/26/2016 �j ' I <br />CHANGE ORDER NO. 1 <br />Ordered by County Engineer under terms of <br />FRISection 1 - 04. 4 of the Standard Specifications <br />Change proposed by Contractor <br />To: Bruch & Bruch Construction, Inc. <br />1706 W. Highway 101 <br />Endorsed by: Bruch & Bruch Construction, Inc. <br />Port Angeles, WA. 98363 <br />Contract o Firm Name <br />Signature <br />Project Title: <br />Title <br />Consent given by Surety: (when required) <br />Contract No. X01990 <br />By: <br />Undie Road, M.P. 1.1 Emergency Repair <br />Attorney-in-fact <br />This Change Order adds an amount for the construction of approximately 400 feet of Undie Road on a new alignment <br />approximately 12 feet north of the existing road due to a continuing earth slide condition. <br />This contract is revised as follows: <br />• This Change Order adds $54,000 to the contract amount for additional road repair work completed 2/9/2016 through 2/19/2016. <br />Proj. Manager <br />ORIGINAL <br />CURRENT <br />F7;-171 <br />Approval required <br />CONTRACT <br />CONTRACT <br />ESTIMATED NET <br />ESTIMATED CONTRACT <br />AMOUNT <br />AMOUNT <br />CHANGE THIS ORDER <br />TOTAL AFTER CHANGE <br />ACounty Engineer <br />$55,000.00 <br />$55,000.00 <br />$54,000.00 <br />$109,000.00 <br />Approval Required <br />ORIGINAL <br />CURRENT <br />Change in contract time New Contract time <br />_ <br />_ <br />CONTRACT TIME <br />CONTRACT TIME <br />this Change Order <br />_ <br />(Working days) <br />(Working Days) <br />(Working Days) (Working Days) <br />N/A <br />N/A <br />N/A N/A <br />/\I APPROVAL RECOMMENDED <br />APPROVE <br />7— —(6 <br />Project Manager Date <br />Co Date <br />APPROVAL RECO EIGDED <br />APPROVED <br />.y ,, <br />Engineering Service ate <br />Chair, Jefferson County Commissioners Date <br />