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1� :, 1< T6, <br />cc <br />INTERAGENCY AGREEMENT ICA17028 <br />BETWEEN <br />THE STATE OF WASHINGTON <br />ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICE OF THE COURTS <br />AND <br />JEFFERSON COUNTY SUPERIOR COURT <br />FOR THE SUPPORT OF <br />FAMILY AND JUVENILE COURT IMPROVEMENT PLAN (FJCIP) <br />THIS AGREEMENT is entered into by and between the State of Washington Administrative <br />Office of the Courts ("AOC") and Jefferson County Superior Court ("Contractor"). <br />PURPOSE <br />The purpose of this agreement is to engage the services of the Contractor to improve and <br />support family and juvenile court operations as set forth in the Family and Juvenile Court <br />Improvement Plan (FJCIP) legislation RCW 2.56.220-230. <br />Funds received under this agreement may only be used to supplement, not supplant, any other <br />local, state or federal funds received for the Contractor's court(s). <br />DESCRIPTION OF SERVICES <br />The Contractor will: <br />a. Assign a Chief Judge for the family and juvenile court for a minimum term of two (2) <br />years,- <br />b. <br />ears; <br />b. Hire a Case Management Coordinator within a timeframe acceptable to both AOC and <br />the Contractor, and provide that Coordinator with training in the area of family and <br />juvenile law; <br />c. Document that all judicial officers serving in the county's FJCIP project have completed <br />the 30 hours of education required under RCW 2.56.230. <br />d. Implement the principle of one judicial team hearing all of the proceedings in a case <br />involving one family, especially in dependency cases; <br />e. Submit a spending plan detailing the intended use of funds received under this <br />agreement to AOC by August 31, 2016; <br />f. Submit a report comparing actual expenditures with the submitted spending plan to <br />AOC by June 30, 2017; <br />g. Submit or update a "local improvement plan" identifying the specific staffing, facility, <br />case management and/or operational improvement(s) that the Contractor intends to <br />accomplish during this project, and identifying which Unified Family Court (UFC) <br />principle(s) are targeted. <br />The Contractor's local improvement plan shall: <br />1. Identify case types that will be impacted (family, juvenile or both); <br />ICA17028 Page 1 of 5 <br />