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District No. 1 Commissioner <br />District No. 2 Commissioner <br />District No. 3 Commissioner <br />Clerk of the Board: <br />Engineer: <br />A.M. O'Meara, Member <br />B.G. Brown, Chairman <br />Carroll M. Mercer, Member <br />Jerdine C. Bragg <br />Milt Sanstrom, P.E. <br />Week of <br />December 13, 1982 <br />Chairman Brown called the meeting to order at 10:00 a.m. <br />All members were present. <br />Bid Award; Steel Building at Landfill: No award wil'I be made <br />until a response is received irom the Department of Ecology. A notice <br />was sent to all those submitting bids on November 23, 1982 stating that <br />an award is still pending. <br />Flooding of Bergeson Property in Quilcene: Mike Bergeson <br />complained again about flooding ot his property. He' asserts that the <br />enlargement of the ditches by the County has made the problem worse, <br />but when questioned, agreed that the ditch enlargement had helped but <br />not completely cured the problem. The Board reiterated their state- <br />ments to Mr. Bergeson at previous meetings. <br />Flooding Along Fremont Street, Quilcene: Willard Brown pre- <br />sented his plan, formuiated tollowing his meeting with the Commissioners, <br />for ditching along two sides of his property and installing a dike on a <br />third side. He requested that the County dig a ditch on the fourth <br />side, along the street, and move the culvert. The Board will checlk <br />with the County Engineer before responding to Mr. Brown's request. <br />Approval of Minutes: Commissioner Mercer moved to approve <br />and sign the minutes for the week of December 6, 1982. Commissioner <br />O'Meara seconded. Unanimous. <br />Bid Award; Fence at Irondale Park: On the motion by Commis- <br />sioner O'Meara, seconded by Commissioner Tvif-e—rcer and unanimously <br />passed, the bid submitted by McBride Fence Co. for $6,935.50 for labor <br />and materials was accepted. A contract will be prepared. <br />Agreement; Reimbursable Work, National Park Service: This <br />agreement or snow removaI, road sanding and storm dam_a_g_e_­w_o_r_R in the <br />Olympic National Park to be performed by the County upon request, was <br />approved and signed per motion by Commissioner Mercer, seconded by <br />Commissioner O'Meara. Unanimous. <br />Contract Amendment; Alcoholism/Drug Abuse Programs: An <br />amendment to contract #1100 -BGG -32931(l) with tl�e Department of Social <br />and Health Services was signed by Chairman Brown following the motion <br />by Commissioner O'Meara, seconded by Commissioner Mercer. Unanimous. <br />This amendment increased the amount of award for each program, as well <br />as extending the period of the contract an additional six months. <br />Imposition of Sales and Use Tax: Commissioner Mercer sec- <br />onded Commissioner O'Meara's motion to approve and sign an order <br />imposing a five -tenths (5/10) of one (1) percent sales and use tax <br />on all -.axable events in Jefferson County, effective January 1, 19833, <br />thereby implementing Resolution No. 87-82. Unanimous. <br />Budget Transfers: Commissioner Mercer made a motion to <br />VOL 62754 <br />