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Cc � <br />INTERAGENCY AGREEMENT IAA17424 <br />BETWEEN <br />WASINGTON STATE ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICE OF THE COURTS <br />AND <br />JEFFERSON COUNTY JUVENILE COURT <br />FOR <br />BECCA PROGRAMS AND SERVICES <br />THIS AGREEMENT is entered into by and between the Administrative Office of the Courts <br />("AOC") and Jefferson County Juvenile Court ("Contractor"). <br />PURPOSE <br />The purpose of this Agreement is to engage the services of the Contractor to process Truancy, <br />At Risk Youth and Child in Need of Services (Becca) programs and services within its <br />jurisdiction and according to the intent of the Becca legislation chapter 13.32A RCW. <br />Funds received by the COURT under this Agreement may only be used to supplement, not <br />supplant, any other local, state or federal funds received by the COURT. <br />STATEMENT OF WORK <br />The Contractor will process Truancy, At Risk Youth (ARY) and Child in Need of Services <br />(CHINS) programs within the Contractor's jurisdiction pursuant to chapter 13.32A, RCW. <br />The Contractor shall submit summary reports to AOC documenting Becca activities. These <br />reports shall provide both the number of petitions and the actual cost of processing such <br />petitions, broken down as follows: <br />a. CHINS petitions; <br />b. ARY petitions; and, <br />c. Truancy petitions. <br />The Becca Bi -Annual Report to the Administrative Office of the Courts shall be submitted <br />electronically. The required form for bi-annual reporting, which is incorporated in this <br />agreement, is located on the Inside Courts website under Court Resources> Court <br />Management and choose the "Becca Bi -Annual Report to AOC". <br />Reporting schedule: <br />Period Report Due <br />07/01/16 - 12/31/16 01/31/17 <br />01/01/17 - 06/30/17 07/31/17 <br />Failure to submit a report by the due date may adversely affect state funding of the Becca <br />program. <br />If you have questions, please contact the AOC Program Manager Yvonne Pettus at <br />Yvonne. or (360) 705-5229 <br />PERIOD OF PERFORMANCE <br />The execution of this Agreement shall constitute a ratification of an earlier verbal agreement <br />between the parties that is now set forth in writing. Accordingly, the beginning date of <br />IAA17424 Page 1 of 5 <br />