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(kcontract Amendment #1 - <br />r l� <br />( <br />cc_ Between <br />Ale Opportunities, Inc. <br />AND <br />Jefferson County Public Health <br />Developmental Disabilities Program <br />WHEREAS, Able Opportunities Inc. (Subcontractor) and Jefferson County (County) entered into an agreement on July 1, <br />2015 for Professional Services to be provided in connection with the provision of Individualized Technical Assistance <br />Services to Persons with Developmental Disabilities in Jefferson County. <br />WHEREAS, the parties desire to amend the terms of that agreement. <br />IT IS AGREED BETWEEN BOTH PARTIES AS NAMED HEREIN AS FOLLOWS: <br />1. The term of the above referenced agreement ends June 30, 2017. <br />The Subcontractor will provide consulting services in the form of technical assistance to the Public <br />Development Authority (PDA) of Fort Worden and their employers, individuals with developmental <br />disabilities, Transition employment staff, school districts and other interested parties. <br />3. Subcontractor will continue to provide "Individualized Technical Assistance" or "ITA": services as part <br />of an individual's pathway to individual employment. The service of ITA (in order to identify and address <br />existing barriers to employment) will be in the form of technical assistance, assessment and consulting to <br />individuals with developmental disabilities, their families, employment agencies and their staff and <br />other interested parties. <br />4. Subcontractor will partner with the County Coordinator to create an off-site High School Transition <br />Program at Fort Worden State Park for students with developmental disabilities by providing consulting <br />services to the PDA of Fort Worden and their businesses, individuals with developmental disabilities, <br />Transition employment staff, the Port Townsend School District and other interested parties. <br />5. Payment for the work provided by the Subcontractor shall not exceed $110.00 an hour for consulting <br />and technical assistance and $35.00 an hour for travel time. <br />6. Total compensation under this Agreement shall not exceed $8,650.00 without express written <br />amendment signed by both parties. Funding for consulting cannot exceed $850.00 and funding for ITA <br />services cannot exceed $2,000.00. <br />7. All other terms and conditions of the agreement will remain the same. <br />Dated thisday of 0011-t—n6u,2016 <br />By:1� qikk22n - <br />, Chairman <br />Jefferson Board of County Commissioners <br />By: <br />b ontra o <br />�.��Oyvx� o..p da ��-vim.•. <br />-AZ--- <br />