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<br />Jo,. <br />, <br /> <br /> <br />" <br /> <br />.. <br /> <br /> <br />.... ...... .... <br />.................... <br /> <br />XX.UTBS <br /> <br />week of Kay 29, 1990 <br /> <br />Chairman George C. Brown called the meeting to order at the <br />appointed time. commissioner B. G. Brown and Commissioner Larry W. Dennison <br />were both present. <br /> <br />District Court Judqe. Tom Majhan and Office supervisor. Sue <br />Dillinaham re:' Courtroom Security: Sue Dillingham, District Court Office <br />Supervisor and Judge Tom Majhan came before the Board to discuss Courtroom <br />security. Judge Majhan reported that they received information from a <br />company that makes bullet resistant shields for the Courtroom and since the <br />Courtroom is being remodeled this is a good time to look into this further. <br />There have been two incidents during night court where deputies had to be <br />called. There is a deputy assigned to night court now. <br /> <br />commissioner B. G. Brown asked what they expect this devise to do for them? <br />Judge Majhan reported that the ideal situation would be to have an armed <br />bailiff in the Courtroom at night. He doesn't feel this is necessary if this <br />shield could be buil t into the Courtroom and if a panic button can be <br />installed that could be used to alert the ci ty Police when there is a <br />problem. <br /> <br />Sue Dillingham added that it would be nice to have a "panic button" in the <br />District Court office as well as in the Courtroom. She reported that she has <br />I had to call the police three times when someone was threatening at the <br />counter. She added that she feels that more security is needed in the <br />Courtroom during the day also. The ideal situation would be to have an <br />officer in the Courtroom during court and have a metal detector used on all <br />people coming into the Courtroom. <br /> <br />The Board concurred that Frank Gifford be consulted about these issues and <br />that he do research into the costs involved with the installation of a shield <br />and/or panic buttons. <br /> <br />Marvin Lorenzen and LloYd Gardiner. Brinnon reI Interim provisions <br />of the Subdivision Ordinance: Marvin Lorenzen reported that he and Lloyd <br />Gardiner started to develop 40 acres they own, into five acre tracts. They <br />ran into problems regarding the access to the property and that has held up <br />their development. They are now in the process of constructing an access <br />road and haven't started the roads on the property yet. They estimated <br />$10,000 to build the road and now it is estimated it will cost substantially <br />more. They were going to put the power and the telephone in, but graveling <br />the main road to this property will cost a fortune. Now the rules have <br />. . f . . <br />changed for f~ve acre tracts and there are new prov~s~ons to be met before <br />they can sell these lots. <br /> <br />. vat <br /> <br />16 r~r,~ 00" 4jt4 <br />