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<br />01 <br /> <br />,,' <br /> <br />******************************************************************** <br />* * <br />* 3EFFERSON COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS * <br />* * <br />* * <br />* District No. 1 Commissioner: Larry W. Dennison, Member * <br />* District No, 2 Commissioner: B.G. Brown, Member * <br />* District No. 3 Commissioner: .John L. Pitts, Chairman * <br />* * <br />* Clerk of the Board: 3erdine C. Bragg * <br />* Public Works Director: Gary A. Rowe * <br />* * <br />********************************************************************* <br /> <br />M I NUT E S <br /> <br />Week of February 10, 1986 <br /> <br />The meeting was called to order by Chairman 30hn L. Pitts <br />in the presence of Commissioner B.G. Brown and Commissioner Larry W. <br />Dennison. <br /> <br />Al Weisenburger, Hood Canal Property Complaint <br />about building reaulation, fees, etc.: Mr. Weisenburger, a Hood <br />Canal property owner, came before the Board to complain about the <br />restrictions the County places in regard to building permits, and <br />shoreline regulations. Mr. Weisenburger reported that the restric- <br />tions are so severe on shoreline property that he is not sure he <br />wants to go through the necessary steps to build on his property. He <br />feels as if he is being pushed around and imposed upon by being <br />required to pay additional fees on his building plans. <br /> <br />Mr. Weisenburger began the building process, with the installation of <br />a well and septic system on his property in 1979, at which time he <br />was required to determine the location of his house on the property. <br />Now, he has been told that he cannot locate his house where it was <br />originally to be placed due to shoreline regulations. He is also <br />being required to get an elevation determination by a registered <br />engineer, which adds to the initial building costs and with the other <br />necessary fees, could make it so that he cannot afford to finish his <br />home. <br /> <br />Chairman Pitts advised Mr. Weisenburger that things have changed with <br />regard to regulations for on-site sewage systems, wells and shore- <br />lines since 1979. Because these regulations cost money to enforce, <br />the fees for building have increased to cover these costs. After <br />further discussion with Mr. Weisenburger about the changes in <br />regulations and the affect they have had on the County, the Board <br />thanked him for telling them his concerns. <br /> <br />Homes Smith III, Homer Smith Insurance re: County Insurance <br />coveraae for 1986: Public Works Director, Gary Rowe joined the Board <br />to talk with Homer Smith III regarding County insurance. <br /> <br />County Insurance Coverage for Superior County 3udge William E. <br />Howard: Homer Smith advised that the problem with the County <br />covering .Judge Howard on it's insurance is that he works between. <br />Clallam and 3efferson counties, and when he is working in Clallam <br />County, on behalf of Cla11am County, he is not covered by .Jefferson <br />County's errors and omissions insurance. Any visiting judge working <br />on behalf of .Jefferson County is covered by the County's E << 0 <br />policy. <br /> <br />VOl ~~'12 F~ <br /> <br />0566 <br />