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<br />JEFFERSON COUlITY BOARD OF EQUALIZATION <br /> <br />A.C. Dalgleish <br />David G. Douglas <br />Archie Barber. Jr. <br />James A; DeLeo <br /> <br />Chairman <br />Vice-Chairman <br />Member <br />Alternate <br /> <br />M I NUT E S <br /> <br />July 16, 1985 <br /> <br />/- <br /> <br />The meeting was called to order at 9:00 a.m. by Chairman Dalgleish with <br />member Archie Barber and Clerk Cathy Whiteman present. David Douglas <br />had advised that he would arrive at approximately 10:00 a.m. <br /> <br />The Board continued to review and number petitions. <br /> <br />~ <br /> <br />Hearings were scheduled for July 24, 29, and 31, 1985. <br /> <br />Ann EnfJeld , Chief Deputy Assessor will send notices until a replacement <br />is found for Clerk Cathy Hhiteman. <br /> <br />Having no further business, the meeting adjourned at 3:30 p.m. <br /> <br />" <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />APPROVED BY:X tltu~ 15! /9&'s <br /> <br />. <br /> <br />{JiLE~ <br /> <br />. . <br />. <br /> <br />CJ()~ q, Go~ <br />DAVID G. DOUGLAS, VICE-CHAIRtlAN <br /> <br />Prepared by <br /> <br /> <br />r~~~~ <br />ARCHIE BARBER JR., MH1BER <br />