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<br />JEFFERSON COUnTY BOARD OF EQUALIZATION <br /> <br />A.C. Dalgleish <br />David G. Douglas <br />Archie Barber. Jr. <br />James A; DeLeo <br /> <br />Chairman <br />Vice-Chairman <br />Member <br />Alternate <br /> <br />MINUTES <br /> <br />~ <br /> <br />August 12, 1985 <br /> <br />, <br /> <br />The meeting of Board of Equalization was call~d to order by Chairman Dalgleish with <br />Archie Barber and clerk Connie Barlow present. David Douglas will be arriving late. <br /> <br />BE-85-65-LO Harold Peters: Mr. Harold Peters and his attorney Mr. Brian M. Baker appeared <br />before the Board of Equalization relating to the removal of a Open Space Open Space <br />classification by the Jefferson County C'ilmmissionersand the Jefferson County Assessors <br />offi\;e. <br />Mr. Baker and his client Mr. Peters contend the property was primrily devoted to and <br />used as Open Space Open Space and he has not violated the 1980 Open Space Open Space <br />Agreement. Therefore requesting the Board of Equalization re-instate the Open Space <br />Open Space Agreement. <br />Letters pertaiAin9 to this petition were presented by the appellan~Jefferson County <br />Commissers and the Assessor tegether with a copy of the Open Space Open Space Agreement and <br />photograph of the sign Mr. Peters placed on his property. <br />Mr. Peters claims the public have recreational use of this 2 acre parcel but it only <br />has access by water during high tide. Also he does not allow trespassing on the beach <br />and tide-lands lying to the west and southwest of the base of the cliff. <br />The Assessor claims the cliff is nearly vertical andthe question arises as to wh en 'and <br />how much of this parcel if any is available for public recreational purposes. <br />Mr. Peters testified , athigh tide only the public would have access to the base of the <br />cliff for a period of one or two hours. <br />In concl usion the assessor requested the County Commission terminate the Open-Space, <br />Open-Space agreement which was done by the County Commissioners on December 3, 1984 <br />and Mr. Peters was so notified by the County Assessor by his letter of February 6, 1985. <br />The Board of Equalization took this appeal under advisement and after r-eceiving the facts <br />will maxe'a decision. <br />There' ~tso is a question at this time wrether or not the Bo~rd of Equalization has <br />jurisdiction on this petition. <br /> <br />BE-85-82-A Susan J. Burch petitioned for reduction in valuation from $104,000 to an <br />undesignated level. Petitioner requested that petition be read into minutes. The property <br />is a Victorian style building modified four apartments, currently rented at $.:1,350 <br />per month. W"-S . ,. <br />The current valuation~based on comparable properties. Property purchased in 1983 for <br />$145,000 is not producing income sufficent to cover costs of maintenance, Puget Sound <br />Power energy improvement contrast and real estate contra't. Board will make inspection <br />and revi~w'comparables. <br /> <br />BE-85-85-C Thelma Scudi petitioned for reduction in valuation from $199,250 to $150,000. <br />This property has a conditional use permit for a "Bed and Breakfast" service. It was <br />purchased in 1979 for $95,000. Assessor presented three comparables in 1981-34 with values <br />from $505,000 (James House) to $100,000 (Ethel Wiley). Petitioner presented three <br />comparables (1982-1984) with values from $90,000 to $140,000. ,At issue is the proper <br />value per square foot--Assessor comparables were from $40 toflG4/ square foot, and this <br />property at $45,00 square foot less 10% depreciation. ~~~ <br /> <br />There being no further business, the meeting wasadjournedx ~C) 7~ 1995- <br /> <br />/;),)} "y ) ,/j <br />C. f..:;7 \ /.J::.P-h <br />A.C. DALGLEIS~. CHAIRMAN <br />Cjj~ Q <br />DAVID G. DOUGfis, VICE~j <br />I -/ //) , , <br />U-C\.Q ._J: ~ 6<'f~ '~ <br />ARCHIE BARBER JR. <br /> <br />Prepared by <br /> <br />t?,,,,",,..~:....1 &. ~ <br />Connie O. Barlow <br />