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<br />JEFFERSON COUlnv BOARD OF EQU',LIZATlON <br /> <br />ll.C. Dalgleish <br />uavid G. Douglas <br />Archie Barber. Jr. <br />Ji1M~S A; DeLeo <br /> <br />Chairman <br />Vice-Chairman <br />Member <br />Alternate <br /> <br />M I NUT E S <br /> <br />14 October 1985 <br /> <br />/ <br /> <br />Board members Barber and Douglas were present for the purpose of researching <br />several problem petitions. Chairman Dalgleish was al:1sent for a medical apointment. <br /> <br />BE-85-79-LO (Parcel 721-194~010) The Board inspected this property on 09-18-85 <br />and confirmed that a major unstable bluff situation exists through out a major <br />portion of the parcel.. A review of the history of valuation on this parcel <br />indicates that the valuation was reduced by the B.O.E. from $97,500 to $27,675 as a <br />part of the Thorndyke B,ay M:Jratoruim action on 20 September, 1983. The current <br />va'luation is SUSTAINED. . <br /> <br />BE-.85-4 (Parcel 969-000-024) The Board inspected this property on 09-11-85. The <br />Board has also reviewed the valuation of 51 parcels of land on the south side of <br />Port Ludlow Bay. (Ludlow Beach Tract #1 & 2) The Board moved to reduce the land <br />valuation of this parcel from $76,000 to $11,000 to be consistent with the findings <br />~of the investigation. . <br /> <br />Having no further business, meeting adjourned to October 15, 1985 <br /> <br />APPROVED BY: <br /> <br />DATE APPROVED:@I /~I is- <br /> <br />I <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />CfdcJ) ~.Q)~ <br />'DAVID G. DO GLAS, VI -CHAIRMAN <br /> <br />r~ t f3c~J2J ~ ~ <br />HIE BARBER, JR. MEMBER <br />