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<br />JEFFERSON COUNTY BOARD OF EQUALIZATION <br /> <br />A. C. DALGLEISH <br />DAVID G. DOUGLAS <br />ARCHIE BARBER, JR. <br />JAMES A. DE LEO <br /> <br />CHAIRMAN <br />VICE-CHAIRMAN <br />MEMBER <br />ALTERNATE <br /> <br />M <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />N <br /> <br />U <br /> <br />T <br /> <br />E <br /> <br />s <br /> <br />OCT 0 B E R 1 0, <br /> <br />1 9 9 0 <br /> <br />The Board of Equalization convened at 9:00 a.m. with Chairman A.C. <br />Dalgleish, Vice-Chairman David G. Douglas, Member Archie Barber, <br />Jr. and Clerk Dierdrei Keegan present. The Board dispensed with <br />the reading of the Minutes of previous meetings at this time. <br /> <br />HEARINGS <br /> <br />DISCUSSION REGARDING BOWDISH PETITIONS: Jeff Chapman was present on <br />behalf of the Assessor's Office. Chairman Dalgleish noted that the Clerk <br />tried to reach Mr. and Mrs. Bowdish on October 4, 1990 after receiving a <br />message that Mrs. Bowdish had called to say Mr. Bowdish couldn't leave <br />Montana for medical reasons and that they wanted to reschedule. Clerk <br />Keegan left a message on the Bowdish' s answering machine stating that they <br />need not be present, that the hearing could be conducted with their written <br />testimony, and that they should call back. The Bowdishs did not return <br />the call. On October 9, 1990 Clerk Keegan spoke with the appraiser, Jeff <br />Chapman, who stated he was prepared for the hearing and that he hoped it <br />would be held. The Board members concurred that the four Bowdish hearings <br />should take place as scheduled (BOE: 90-067-LO, BOE: 90-068-R, BOE: 90-069- <br />R, and BOE: 90-070-LO). The hearings follow. <br /> <br />Board of Equalization Exhibits: <br /> <br />Exhibit A: <br /> <br />Phone message from Secretary to Clerk dated <br />October 4, 1990. <br /> <br />Exhibit B: <br /> <br />Clerk Keegan's note dated October 10, 1990 <br />regarding attempt to reach Mr. and Mrs. <br />Bowdish, interaction with Jeff Chapman, and <br />Board decision to hear petition. <br />