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<br /> <br />a\ wrr4t~ <br />t~'\ <br /> <br /> <br />~ \""' ~:~;~i t<j ~ James A. DeLeo, District t <br /> <br />~ ;s::/ <br />~~ <br /> <br />1820 Jefferson Street <br />PO Box 1220 <br />Port Townsend, WA 98368 <br /> <br />William S. Marlow, District 2 Richard A. Broders, District 3 <br /> <br />JEFFERSON COUNTY BOARD OF EQUALIZATION <br />MINUTES <br />AUGUST 5, 1999 <br /> <br />William S. Marlow <br />Richard A. Broders <br />James A. DeLeo <br /> <br />Chairman <br />Vice-Chairman <br />Member <br /> <br />Chairman William S. Marlow called the meeting to order at 9:30 a.m. in the presence of Vice-Chairman <br />Richard A. Broders and Member James A. DeLeo. <br /> <br />HEARINGS <br /> <br />Charles Nisbet <br />5500 West Valley Road <br />Chimacum, W A 98325 <br /> <br />BOE: 99-35-R <br /> <br />PN: 801 044 012 <br /> <br />Mr. Nisbet was present. Appraiser Robert Shold represented the Assessor's office. After explaining the <br />hearing process Chairman Marlow swore them in. The property under appeal is a residence and land located at <br />5500 West Valley Road, in Chimacum. Mr. Nisbet stated that he is not opposed to paying taxes, however, he <br />does not feel that they should go up 25%. Tax increases should be more in line with the cost ofliving. Being <br />only two (2) years from retirement, his budget may not allow him to keep his home. He asked the Board if they <br />would be able to live here iftheir taxes went up 25% per year? The little people are going to be forced out of <br />the area by higher taxes. <br /> <br />Chairman Marlow stated that the Board of Equalization only has the authority to review property valuations in <br />order to insure equity among similar property. The Board does not have any authority over property taxes. <br /> <br />Mr. Nisbet added that Chimacum Creek runs through his back yard and there is a possibility that the <br />endangered species act might affect his property by requiring a 200 foot setback from the high water mark. If <br />that happens, his property will become useless. He believes that the sale of a neighboring parcel contributed to <br />the increase in his property valuation. If some fool pays an outrageous price for a piece of property, other <br />property owners should not be penalized for their poor judgement. Mr. Nisbet does not feel the current <br />assessment of $182,985 ($50,365 for the land and $132,620 for the improvements) is fair and he is requesting it <br />be reduced to $169,000 ($44,000 for the land and $125,000 for the improvements). <br /> <br />Phone (360)385-9100 ! 1-800-831-2678 Fax (360)385-9382 <br /> <br />