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<br />111"-""""-: BOARD OF JEFFERSON COUNTY CO~!NISSIONERS <br /> <br />District No. 1 Commissioner <br />District No. 2 Comnissioner <br />District No. 3 Commissioner <br /> <br />A.M. O'meara <br />B. G. BroWI'_> Chairman <br />Carroll M. Mercer <br /> <br />Clerk of the Board Betty J. Temp1e> AuditoI <br />Engineer Edwin A. Becker> P.E. <br />~~~!~~~EI______________________~_:_____________________________~~_______~~E~!~~_~~_~E~gg________ <br />NlNUTES <br />~-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------~----- <br /> <br />September 2, 1975 <br /> <br />10:00a.m. Meeting called te .order by Chairman B.G. Brewn with all members <br />present. <br /> <br />i <br /> <br />Bert Hill appeared regarding the sanitary landfills. He is in <br />clesing .of seme .of the dumps and the charge en the drep bexes. <br />explained the new precedures were mandated by Federal and State <br />the ceunties can ne lenger have burning in .open dumps. <br /> <br />eppesitien te the <br />Chairman Brown <br />pelicies and <br /> <br />Bng.. Becker and Assist. Eng. Sanstrem presented the criteria te be censidered <br />t fer the West Valley raad design. Sanstrem explained the tepagraphy ef.the <br />area, 'plans relating ta the bicycle and harse trails (estimating appreximately <br />$5,000 per mile), and new curve design. Becker advised that all .of the survey <br />data pertaining te the praject has nat been received, and therefare, requested <br />that Beard's actian be delayed. Actian delayed until all pertinent infermatien <br />is available ta the Baard. . <br /> <br />H.B. Hansen came be fare the. Board te obtain infarmatian relevant te his pre- <br />pesed Shert Subdivisien. He purchased a five acre piece .of praperty and intends <br />te subdivide it inte three pieces. Stated he was unaware .of the subdivisien <br />.ordinance when he beught the preperty and the Plan. Dept. teld him divisien <br />wauld be permissable. Plan. Dir. Cunningham said that wh~n this infarmatien <br />was given ta Mr. Hansen it was nat knewn that the praperty was recently sub- <br />divided by the seller. <br />After further discussian it was maved by Cemmissianer O'Heara and <br />secended by Cemmissiener Mercer that Mr. Hansen either has ta camply with <br />"Leng Plat" previsians .or retain the preperty fer five years befere re-subdivid- <br />ing, therefare denying deviance fram the .ordinance. Unanimaus <br />Mr. Hansen asked if the Baard weuld delay actien until he cauld retain <br />an atterneydue ta his being misinfarmed by the Plan. Dept. Cemmissiener <br />O'Meara said their interest was in the pratectien .of the praperty within the <br />ceunty, that capies .of the Subdivisian Ordinance are available ta the public, <br />and his metien would stand as stated. Cammissieners Brewn and Mercer cencurred. <br />Questien aresewhether Mr. Hansenweuld be required to previde a 60' <br />right-ef-way te short plat in five years. Beard stated it weuld be cOnsidered <br />when plat is presented. <br />Plan. Dir. Cunningham advised that the 1160' easement" requirement had <br />been discussed by the Planning Cemmissien and they feel it is net feasible for <br />all five acre plats. Chairman Brown said it is the county's pelicy te encour- <br />age all develepers te previde 60' easements within their plats.ferprotection <br />fer future development. . <br /> <br />Business fram the Plan. Dept: <br />y - Final Shert Plat, David M. Thompson - Cunningham advised that the <br />plat meets all requirements and has received approval frem the Planning, Health, <br />and Engineering Departments. Meved by Cemmissiener O'Meara and secended by <br />Commissiener Mercer te approve and sign final plat. Unanimaus <br />K Expiratien .of Planning Cemmissien Terms as of Sept. 1, 1975; Chet <br />Dalgleish & Nerris Shert upon contact, beth members said they were agree- <br />able te reappeintment, hawever, Mr. Shert stated he would submit. his resignation <br />if the Board cauld find sameane else ta fill his pasitian. Maved by Cemmis- <br />sianer O'Meara and secanded by Cammissioner Mercer ta reappoint Chet Dalgleish <br />and Nerris Shart to a new three year term, effective Sept .1, 1975 through <br />Sept. 1, 1978. Unanimous <br />Pending Shareline Management Applicatiens fer Permit Cunningham <br />submitted a list .of all pending applicatiens as .of this date far Board's in- <br />formatian. <br />, - SherelineManagement Substantial Develapment Applicatian for Permit <br />Na. 3l-7~, Evergreen Enviranmental Development Corp; Hermitage Camping Club - <br />Cunningham presented a letter stating theShareline Advisary Cammissian rec- <br />ommends denial .of permit because the prapased praject daes nat meet the goals, <br />palicies, andu.standards .of the Shareline Management Act .of 1971, and the <br /> <br />~'OL <br /> <br />:1 f2l'G! <br /> <br />01066 <br /> <br /> <br />