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<br />~::t No. <br /> <br />District No. <br />District No. <br /> <br />BOARD OF JEFFERSO~ COUNTY CO~frlISSIONERS <br /> <br />1 COIT'.missioner <br />2 Cor.unissioner <br />3 Commissioner <br /> <br />A.H. O'meara <br />B.G. Brown~ Chairman <br />Carroll M. Mercer <br /> <br />Clerk of the Board Betty J. Temple, Audito <br />Engineer Edwin A. Becker> P.E. <br />~~~!~~~EY______________~_________:______________________________________~~E~!~~_~~_~E~gg_______~ <br /> <br />--------------------------------~----------~!~!~~-----------------------~---------------------~ <br /> <br />SEPTEMBER 22, 1975 <br /> <br />10:0.0 a.m. Meeting called to order by Chairman B. G. Brown with C:ommissioner A. M. O'Meara <br />present and Commissioner Carroll Mercer absent. <br /> <br />Motion by Co.mmisss oner O'Meara, seconded by Chairman Brown to approve the minutes of <br />September 2nd, meeting. <br /> <br />Winston Frenzel, Olympus Beach, appeared regarding the opening of a road. A barrier has <br />heenplaced across a portion of property preventing the opening of the road. Mr. Frenzelhad <br />the property surveyed, and the property line determined. by the surveyor shows- the placement of <br />the line at a different location. County. Engineer Milt Sanstrom said the question is whether <br />the section marker is correct. The orginal plat was recorded in 1930.. and corner markers. wet-e <br />not set .at that time. . Engineer Sanstrom feels the property owner might be using the County <br />right-of-way as a private right-of-way. Mr. Frenzel has been in contact with Pros ~ Attorney <br />Howard and letters have been sent to Richard Toepper and the County Engineer to verify that <br />the barrier does exist and to determine its removal. These letters were sent on the 5th of <br />September. Mr. Frenzel will meet with Engineer Becker i September 23rd, todete.rmine what has <br />been done and wh~t can be done in the removal of this barrier. Mr. Frenzel has his building. <br />permit and scheduled contractors to start work .on or aoout October 1st. If he is unable to start <br />work at that time ,he will have to pay performance penalties to his contractors costing a large <br />sum of money. <br /> <br />Engineer Sanstrom appeared regarding the raad improvement .of the Fort Gate Road. A letter. <br />received from Stan Norman state all the people in the area do not want the construction <br />of this road in their area . The Engineers Department had a meeting with the people concerned <br />about this road improvement earlier, and a questionaire is now l:2~ing sent to the 15 property <br />owners involved to determine the improvement desired. If the road construction involves <br />only the Fort Gate Road a Shoreline Permit is not required, if construction is carried on down <br />to the church property, a permit will be required. This matterWill be discussed at a later date. <br /> <br />" <br /> <br />BUSINESS FROM THE PLANNING DEPARTMENT: <br /> <br />. B & R Mobile Home Court: Preliminary plat was approved in July. Mr. Bates is prepared to <br />file for approval of the final plat. The roads, water & utilities for the back portion are not <br />yet completed . The plat is going to remain private and the owner win complete the remaining <br />lots at a later date. Randall Durant, District Sanitarian, discussed the water system and <br />granted final approval. Chairman Brown signed the final pla.t approval, upon motion by <br />Commissisoner O'Meara. <br /> <br />Dave Cunningham, Planning Director, presented the findings and. recommendations of the <br />Planning Commissioners study on the "Hermitage Camping Club" . The Planning Commission <br />recommends deniel.TheBoard must now hold a public hearing. Motion by Commissioner O'Meara <br />seconded by Commissioner Brown to set the hearing date for Octd>her 7th at 7: 30 p. m. The <br />hearing is be held in the County Courtroom. . <br /> <br />Dave Cunningham presented. a letter stating the Jefferson County Shorelines Advisory <br />Committee, adopted a motion recommending that the Board ofCounty Commissioners maintain <br />that mooring buoys are not exempt from the Shoreline Management Substantial Development <br />Permit requirements. Matter will be discussed again at a later date. <br /> <br />Jerry Newlin, ArvidGrant & Associates, eonsulting Engineers, appeared regarding . the funding <br />possibilities for the Cape George Sewer Project. Mr Newlin stated, Under Public Law <br />#9250.0.,. supplemented by the Washington Referendum # 296, grants are available for 90.% <br />of the pre-engineering, design,' and construction phases. The Grant Program is setup <br />in three phases. A plan of study is developed providing information bybe presented to <br />GrantAdminstrators. Priorty rates are determined by the EPA, Dept. of Eco~ogy, .and the <br />Health Department. Conferences are then held withihe EPA Officials and the Dept. of Ecology <br />to determine the -feasibility of the program. Once the program qualifies by meeting the <br />requirements and specifications, the program then must be rated to compete with other <br />prOjects throughout the state. The firm. will resent a ...t..ejt~r,QUJ:lintJlg their services available <br />V~ . ~UI~~'1 <br /> <br /> <br />