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<br /> <br />,zJr.~ - r <br />~t':~trict N:>. 1 <br />District N:l. 2 <br />District No.3 <br /> <br />BOARD OF JEFFERSON COUNT'{ COMMISSIONERS <br /> <br />C :lmmis sbner <br /> <br />C:lmmissbner <br />Cammis sbner <br /> <br />A.M. O'Meara <br />B. G. BDwn, Chairman <br />CarDll M. Mercer <br /> <br />Clerk :If the B:lard <br />Engineer <br />Secretary <br /> <br />Be tty J. Anders:ln, Aud it::>r <br />Edwin A. Becker, P.E. <br />Jerdine C. Braqq <br /> <br />MINUTES <br />February 23, 1976 <br /> <br />Meeting called ta arder by Chairman B.G. Brawn with all members present. <br /> <br />Dick Gastfield, Officer af the Port Tawnsend High Schaal Scholarship Fund, appeared re: <br />Payrall Deductians. Mr. Gastfield stated the present means br :lbtaining funds far schalarships <br />are indequate and asked far permissi:ln t:l set up a payrall deductbn pt:lgram br Caunty emplayees. <br />Auditar Betty Andersan stated the payr:lll deducti:lns will nat w:lrk a hardship :In her affice. M:lti:ln <br />by Cammissianer O'Meara, sec:lnded by Commissianer Mercer t:> apprave paYDll deductian <br />pragram. Unanim:lus. <br /> <br />Ed Wainwright and 5n3: Yi: ,2,/.,/" u'r" appeared re: Letter fram J:lhn Biggs, DOE, regarding Cape <br />Gearg'e Sewage Treatment Facility. Jahn Spencer, As sistant Directar br the Department's <br />Office Qf Water Pr:lgrams, will be cantacting the Cammissbners ta discuss funding af this <br />project. Biggs stated in his letter that funding for the praject can be secured in several ways. <br />These aHernatives depend up:ln h:lw quickly the sp:lnS:lrs can be prepared t:l commence constructian <br />and whether ar n:lt the sponS:lr is an autharized public entity with autharity t:l construct and <br />:lperate'the trea tment system a s defined in federal regulatians . <br /> <br />HerbertC:lvert, Chairman, Water District # 3, presented the B6i'lfdwith a capy af bid fDm <br />Kramer, Chin, and Maya br the District's water supply test-well far inbrmatbn purpases anly. <br /> <br />Ed Davis, Owner of Black 4, appeared re: Raad Survey in Imndale. Mr. Davis has recently <br />learned the past survey of the plat is in errar and needs ta be re-surveyed by a qualified <br />licensed engineer. The County is d:ling a survey af :lutside b:lundries tabcate the plat C:lrner <br />markers ,but it will take time and the ca:lpera1:ian of the praperty :lwners. Mr. Davis will delay <br />having his praperty surveyed until the Caunty determines the markers af the pla t. <br /> <br />BUSINESS FROM THE PLANNING DEPARTMENT: <br />-Final Shart Plat; Gearge Rue. No. S34 -75. Final sh:lrt plat has been appraved by the Health <br />and Engineer's Departments. Motian by Cammissianer Mercer, sec:lnded by Cammissi:lner <br />O'Meara ta approve and sign. Unanim:lus. <br />-Sh:lreline Management Substantial Develapment Permit Applicatians: <br />-Clallam Caunty P. U. D., Na. 1-76, Renavatian:lf Stati:ln; Installation :If Pales." Shareline <br />AdviS:lry Cammissian recommends appDval subject ta the bllawing c"anditians, (2); and that <br />due t:l the findings af the enviranmental warksheet, and envir:lnmental impact statement need <br />nat be prepared. Maved by Cammissi:lner Mercer, secanded by Commissianer O'Meara to appr:lve <br />permit subject ta the abave mentianed canditions autlined by the Advisary C:lmmissi:ln and that <br />the prapased project is nat a maj:lr actian having a significant affect :In the envir:lnment, and <br />therefare, na EIS need by pr epared. Unanimaus. <br />-Lee Schutt, Na. 3.-76, Land-fill an Oak Bay. Shareline Management Advis:lry Cammissi:ln <br />recommends denial af the permit due t:l the water table being ta:l high. Shareline Cammissi:ln <br />reviewed permit and recommends "taxes be bwered an the praperty, and alsa the C:lunty cansider <br />purchase :If the praperty as tl part af the Oak Bay Park. The Baard will discuss praperty purchase <br />at a la ter time. <br />-Cunningham advised the Board :If availability af state funds for raad study (traffiC forec"st) <br />in relatian ta public transpartatian. Inbrmatian taken under advisement at this time. <br /> <br />Bob Hansen, Sheriff, appeared regarding app:lintment af Traffic Safety Ca-ardinat:lr. Hansen <br />recammended that Albert P. Th:lmas, fram the Jeffers:ln County's Sheriffs Department be app::>inteu <br />as success:>r to serve as Traffic Safety C:l-:lrdinatar for the County, t:l replace Mr. Walter Kelly. <br />Board appraved appaintment af Mr. Th:lmas. <br /> <br />Sheriff Hansen's Department has been receiving c:lmplaints an the dumping :If garbage, in <br />unautharized areas, and feels the :lrdinance shauld be reviewed. The Baard will check on the <br />ordinance. <br /> <br />Hansen alsa requested permissian t:J attend a I-week leatning institute, sp:lnsered by LEAA, <br /> <br />vot <br /> <br />2 rAf,~ <br /> <br />o 1.69 <br />