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<br /> <br />Jo...., <br />f . <br />/ <br /> <br />, <br /> <br />BOARD OF JEFFERSON COUNTY COMMISSIONERS <br /> <br />District No. 1 <br />District No.2 <br />Distxict. No.3 <br /> <br />commissioner <br />conunissioner <br />Commissioner <br /> <br />A. M. O'Meara, Chairman <br />B. G. Brown, Member <br />Carroll M. Mercer, Member <br /> <br />Clerk of the Board <br />EngineC'r <br />Secretary <br /> <br />Betty J. Anderson, Auditor <br />Milt Sanstrom, P.E. <br />Jerdine C. Bragg <br /> <br />M I NUT E S <br /> <br />Week of <br />April 28, 1980 <br /> <br />10:00 a.m. Meeting caLled to order by Chairman A. M. O'Meara with all <br />members present. <br /> <br />Bid Opening. MC & RC Liquid Asphalt & Cationic Emulsified <br /> <br />Asphalt. <br /> <br />BIDDERS: <br />1. U. S. Oil & Refining Co. <br /> <br />UNIT TOTAL: <br />a)$157.20 <br />b) 136.00 <br />c) no bid <br /> <br />a) no bid <br />b) $146.00 <br />c) no bid <br /> <br />BID TOTAL: <br />$15,720.00 <br />108,800.00 <br />no bid <br /> <br />no bid <br />$116,800.00 <br />no bid <br /> <br />2. Chevron U.S.A., Inc. <br /> <br />Commissioner Brown moved to have Engineer check the bids for accuracy and <br />if found to be correct, award the bid to the low bidder. Commissioner <br />Mercer seconded the motion. Unanimous. Representative from Cheveron U.S.A. <br />Inc. suggested that the Board consider the possibility of the low bidder's <br />prices esculating faster than the competitor's in the future. After dis- <br />cussion Commissioner Brown' amended his original motion to accept the bid <br />from both companies and purchase the product from the company that has the <br />product at the lowest price at the time its needed. Commissioner Mercer <br />seconded the amended motion. Unanimous. After further discussion of the <br />legality of the contracts, Commissioner Brown moved to withdraw the previous <br />motions and delay the bid award until it can be discussed with Prosecuting <br />Attorney Howard. Commissioner Mercer seconded the motion. Unanimous. <br /> <br />Agreement Modification of the February 20, 1980 Agreement be- <br />tween Touche Ross & Company and Jefferson County. Touche Ross has completed <br />only a portion of the work agreed to on the February 20, 1980 agreement, <br />but it is now determined that the following additional work should be per- <br />formed: (1) Develop a plan for effective data processing management and <br />work with the County to implement that plan; & (2) Develop, issue, and <br />evaluate a Request For Proposal for the County Sheriff's crime reporting <br />system. The County will pay Touche Ross for actual hours of professional <br />work on this project and expenses directly related. Touche Ross estimates <br />its fee between $4,000 & $4,500.00 for the additional work and the expenses <br />not to exceed $500.00. Commissioner Brown moved to sign the amended agree- <br />ment, Commissioner Mercer seconded the motion. Unanimous. <br /> <br />Modification of Petroleum Products Agreements (3) between <br />Chev~n U.S.A., Inc. and Jefferson County for supplying petroleum products <br />at Clearwater and Upper Hoh Shop. The agreements are for (1) Jefferson <br />County Sheriff's Department; (2) Jefferson County Road District #200; and <br />(3) Jefferson County Road 'Department. Commissioner Mercer moved to approve <br />and sign the agreements, Commissioner Brown seconded the motion. Unanimous. <br /> <br />Mayor Barney McClure appeared along with 6 other people regarding <br />the new Office of Human Affairs. He gave a presentation to the Board about <br />plans for an information & referral service. He submitted a proposed budget <br />of $22,615.50 for this program. They plan to man the office with C.E.T.A. <br />employees. Their objective is to organize and coordinate information to <br />stop unnecessary phone calls for the public. The number will be a toll-free <br />number so the entire county can use it. The City is offering to administrate <br />this program using 60/40 percent funding from the County. They talked about <br />this office complementing the proposed "911" number. <br /> <br />, VOL <br /> <br />,'....} i<">"i..-'4 <br />IJ I""; , ','. <br />M", i. <br />