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<br />JEFFERSON COUNTY BOARD OF EQUALIZATION <br /> <br />A,C. Dalgleish <br />David G. Douglas <br />Archie Barber, Jr. <br />James A. DeLeo <br /> <br />Chairman <br />Vice-Chairman <br />Member <br />Alternate <br /> <br />M I NUT E S <br /> <br />August I, 1986 <br /> <br />The meeting was called to order at 9:00 a.m. by Chairman Dalgleish, All Board members <br />and Clerk present. Mr. Mcready and Mr. Shold represented the Assessor's Office. <br /> <br />Minutes of previous meeting, postponed. <br /> <br />BE-86-13-R - Parcel #990-600-147 - Betty C. Mazurek <br />Petitioner questioned assessed value of $261,855 since the purchase on February 1986 <br />was on 235,000. Assessor's representative, Bob Shold conceded that the purchase price was <br />more indicative of market value than the 1983 re-valuation. <br />Case under consideration. <br /> <br />BE-86-14-LO, Parcel # 995-700-800- Emmerson & Marion Ward <br />Petitioners testified they purchase property on 4-15-86 for $22,000 cash, Lot 15 <br />(comp#l) sold January 1984 for $22,4DO. Subject property, Lot 8 south Bay #3, has no <br />view due to a house on Lot 9. Lot 15 has better view. Bob Shold concedes Lot 8 has <br />no view. It sold on 1979 for'38,000 then forfeited back to Pope & Talbot. Lot 9 <br />next door sold for $62,500 <br /> <br />BE-86-15-R, Parcel #990-700-041 - Richard M. Olson <br />Petitioner not present. Assessed value $81,715 - requests $72,500 purchases 4-21-86 <br />for $69,40D. Assessor Mc Cready agrees to'72,500 value but wants to inspect and <br />evaluate land value before recommending breakdown on land and improvement values. <br /> <br />BE-86-18-R, Parcel #965-300-010 - David F. Smith <br />The Bluffs Kala Point Bldgs Unit 3010- Assessed value Requested Value <br /> <br />$ . 17,500 Land $ 17,500 Land <br />12~,000 Bldg 120,000 Bldg <br />$ 142,000 $ 137,500 <br /> <br />Appellant maintains similar properties are not similarly appraised and/or that <br />dissimilar properties are simil iarly appraised. Extensive comparative data was <br />presented. Example: 30-10 & 30-38 <br /> <br />BE-86-16-LO, Parcel #101-344-003 - Helen V. Cotton <br />Appellant would like her property lowered to Petition value <br />Assessed value <br /> <br />$104,782. <br />$120,480 <br /> <br />20 acres <br /> <br />Parcel #101-344-055 - <br />BE-86-17-LO - Petitioned value $ 5,300 <br />Assessed Valu~ $12,500 <br /> <br />Petition advised both of above cases (86-16 & 86-17) have not sold at assessed value. <br />vJill sell for $110,000 for both parcels. <br />Assessor Mc Cready has comps sellingat several times assessed value of appellant's <br />property. <br /> <br />Administrative matters taken care of for balance of the day. <br />Meeting adjourned, to resume 9:00 A.M. August 4, 1986. <br />