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<br />. <br /> <br />. <br /> <br />NOl\C~OF,ME&~HE <br />JEI'F~ 'uv.notl <br />, BOAflD ()f 'Eo,~'tl1al the <br />'NoIiclJls he~ ~wl\\GOn' <br />~unty,~rdOfEq ~lit1Y11.' .1991 at <br />vil,*at9:3l}lI.m'~~hO\JSe,808rd <br />Jalll'l'$O!, ~ice' P9t\'Townsend. <br />olequal\zaliOn., ill 'W1"1i'contlnUa In ses- <br />Wi!Sh"'gt~~iHi:in~ti1T'atQ ti1T'a,lor <br />slort '~...?bt .sStf@ltt>r8ll-~3) days, <br />aper......U!n . 'ij(lWllllitY.eight(28) <br />ail<! I)9l t(I. ElXf"wlII bI!lllll\4onJuly 11, <br />d~Yll'~, '17n9.ll'1d'lll' o\her.l\!l"'. s _~. <br />1", ~".,.. . 'if.' eXall\l~...", <br />reqUIred, 10 pub. G." ( ~al)48d in <br />eq,,"~lizet~lIl!S"lIl!~2~$\8 prllP" <br />thecurre~ y~o~ "la<~..\O;b,e <br />elly 01. ~"'::1~,~i\dloQ9l'r~ <br />\8~'" ',t..,..ior\,' .rip,ljonll.r <br />'" eJ.IQI1l In......... " sassed ~.lM <br />qu8\lties 01 properlY as .'.o _.,,__." <br />aU:i~("', .ci~~~' '~, <br />,'DlIi~. \$lhef.-I~ <br />~I\y_'- '~lonsmaY <br />,intheltas~=or :belore the' <br />Itle epel\l\o~, inled. <br />bOardatthet.mea ~~-= Irom <br />Appeal- iOnns may "alliatllln c/O <br />Je, IIerSO,n Boa<<!:!~S'p;{)., ;'\lOX <br />"'__$ cornll\~..,y':-,.~.- <br />. '""'V". ..,.."..... ,'''' '.........iK!;..,"""'"',h"'..y... <br />1220 Cll'l'IY"'.""""',.,.. ' <br />. 0": J~n.".h~" ',' <br />~r~e~~\on .. . <br />~~~$tllll$Ql1,V'J~~s"6.'tl! <br /> <br />-~~- <br /> <br />Affidavit of Publication <br /> <br />STATE OF WASHINGTON) <br />SS <br />COUNTY OF JEFFERSON) <br /> <br />FRANK w, GARRED. being sworn, says he is the publisher <br />of the Port Townsend Jefferson County Leader, a weekly <br />newspaper which has been established. published in the <br />English language and circulated continuously as a weekly <br />newspaper in the town of Port Townsend insaidCounty and <br />State. and for general circulat1.on in said county for more <br />than six (6) months prior to the date of the fIrst publication <br />oftheNoticehereto attached. and thatthesaid PooT ownsend <br />Jefferson County Leader was on the 27th day of June 1941 <br />approved as a legal newspaper by the Superior Court of said <br />Jefferson COlmty and that annexed is a true copy of the <br /> <br />Meeting Notice <br />July 11, 1991 <br />9:30 a.m. <br /> <br />as it appeared in the regular and entire issue of said paper <br />itself not in a supplement thereof for a period of <br />two consecutiveweeks.begimringonthe 5th <br />darof June .19~.andendingonthe <br />2thdayof June .19~.and <br />that said newspaper was regularly distributed to its subscrib- <br />ers durin~ all of this period. That the full amOlmt of <br />$ 5 9 . 4 has been paid in full. at rale of $6,60 <br />per column inch for ea 'nsertio,n. ) <br /> <br />1,.-(4' tv, v <br /> <br /> <br />Subscribed and sworn to before me this <br />June , 19~, <br /> <br />e(t.-~aA,di /;{)j!'r.u.A'''''1( <br />Notary Pubhc~,.and for the State of Washington. <br />residing at Port Hadlock. <br />