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<br />['(-. Q<'1sf'sX?r d -f;l-~ <br /> <br />JEFFERSON COUNTY BOARD OF EQUALIZATION <br /> <br />A. C. DALGLEISH <br />DAVID G. DOUGLAS <br />ARCIDE BARBER, JR. <br />JAMES A. DE LEO <br /> <br />CHAIRMAN <br />VICE-CHAIRMAN <br />MEMBER <br />ALTERNATE <br /> <br />MINUTES <br /> <br />OCTOBER 08,1991 <br /> <br />The Board of Equalization convened at 9:00 a.m. with Chairman A.c. Dalgleish, Vice- <br />Chairman David G. Douglas, Member Archie Barber, Jr. and Clerk Dierdrei Keegan present. <br />Assessor Jack Westerman was also present. The Board dispensed with the reading of the <br />Minutes of previous meetings at this time. <br /> <br />MABEL L. CAMPBELL <br />110 TRAFALGAR DRIVE <br />PORT TOWNSEND, WA 98368 <br /> <br />BOE: 91-002-R <br />PN: 965 000 125 <br /> <br />Chairman Dalgleish introduced Mrs. Campbell to the members of the Board, the Clerk and <br />Deputy Assessor Robert Kingsley and swore them in for testimony after explaining the hearing <br />process. The Chairman reported that this hearing is regarding property located at 136 <br />Trafalgar Drive in Kala Point. <br /> <br />Mrs. Campbell stated that she has been a realtor for 15 1/2 years and is familiar with the <br />real estate market and property valuations. Her appraisal sheet prepared by the Assessor's <br />Office is incorrect because the information on the daylight basement is overstated, the main <br />floor is understated, and it shows an extra bathroom that she does not have. She has <br />submitted a fee appraisal that was done in 1986 which shows a value of $140,000. She added <br />that she is asking for an adjustment in value based on these facts. 640 square feet should be <br />subtracted on the basement level and 180 square feet should be added to the main level with <br />a square footage amount subtracted for the extra bathroom that doesn't exist. She added that <br />she has also asked for a refund on the overcharges. <br /> <br />Robert Kingsley reported that the discrepancies in the appraisal were pointed out to him. He <br />then ran new numbers through the computer to generate a corrected assessed value using the <br />1988 table year which is year that Kala Point was last re-evaluated. He reported that there <br />was also a discrepancy in the square footage of the garage and the correct number was <br />included with the other information before the new value was generated. The new value <br />came out in excess of the 1988 assessed value. He corrected other errors in the appraisal <br />at the same time. The value for the land stayed the same at $46,000. The new value for the <br />improvements is $100,255 for a total of $146,255. Before these corrections were made the <br />improvement value was $98,945. <br />