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<br /> <br />1820 Jefferson Street <br />P.O. Box 1220 <br />Port Townsend, WA 98368 <br /> <br />James A. DeLeo <br /> <br />William S. Marlow <br /> <br />Richard A. Broden <br /> <br />MINUTES <br />November 21, 2006 <br /> <br />William S. Marlow <br />Richard A. Broders <br />James A. DeLeo <br /> <br />Chairman <br />Vice-Chairman <br />Member <br /> <br />Chairman William S. Marlow called the meeting to order at 10:00 a.m. in the presence of Vice-Chairman <br />Broders and Member James A. DeLeo. <br /> <br />ASSESSMENT CORRECnON/PEnTION WITHDRAWAL <br /> <br />Vice-Chairman Broders moved to accept the following petition withdrawal and assessment correction. <br />Member DeLeo seconded the motion which carried by a unanimous vote. <br /> <br />APPELLANT <br />Douglas W. Tufts, Dabob Foundation <br />Kristin Kennell <br /> <br />APPEAL NO. <br />BOE 06-30-LO <br />BOE 06-37-R <br /> <br />PARCEL NO. <br />601 213 005 <br />701 191016 <br /> <br />HEARINGS <br /> <br />Kristin Kennell <br />P.O. Box 598 <br />Quilcene, W A 98376 <br /> <br />BOE: 06-37-R <br /> <br />PN: 701191016 <br /> <br />Hearing cancelled - see above assessment correction. <br /> <br />George Casprowitz <br />13563 - 23A Avenue <br />Surrey, B.C. CANADA V4A9Vl <br /> <br />BOE: 06-39-R <br /> <br />PN: 601323015 <br /> <br />Mr. Casprowitz was present. Appraiser John Pray represented the Assessor's office. After explaining the <br />hearing process, Chairman Marlow swore in both parties. The property under appeal consists of a 2 story <br />house situated on a 26 acre parcel with waterfront located at 670 Tskutsko Point Road in Qui1cene. The <br />appellants own 1/5 interest in the land as part of a joint tenancy. Mr. Casprowitz stated that he is only <br />contesting the value of the improvements and not the value of the land. He feels a 37% increase in the <br />improvement value is too high. There is an amount of $14,800 that was added and they have not made <br /> <br />Phone (360)385-9100 Fax (360)385-9382 <br />