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JEFFERSON COUNTY BOARD OF HEALTH <br />MINUTE S <br />Thursday, December 20, 2007 <br />Board Members: <br />Phil Johnson- County Commissioner District # 1 <br />David Sullivan — County Commissioner District #2 <br />John Austin, Vice Chairman — County Commissioner District #3 <br />Jill Buhler — Hospital Commissioner District #2 <br />Geof`Masci — Port Townsend City Council <br />Sheila Westerman — Citi .Zen at Large (City) <br />Roberta Frissell, Chair— Citizen at Large (County) <br />Sta Members: <br />Thomas Locke, MD, Health Ofcer <br />Jean Baldwin, Public Health Services Director <br />Julia Danskin, Nursing Programs Director <br />Meeting was called to order at 2:30 pm on December 20, 2007 by Chair Frissell in the <br />conference room of Jefferson County Public Health. <br />Members present: Chair Frissell, Member Austin, Member Johnson, Member Westerman <br />and Member Buhler. <br />Members absent: Member Sullivan and Member Masci. <br />Staff present: Dr. Thomas Locke, Jean Baldwin, Julia Danskin, Neil Harrington and <br />Cathy Avery. A quorum was present. <br />APPROVAL OF AGENDA <br />Board Member Buhler moved to approve the agenda as written. Member Johnson <br />seconded the motion, which carried by a unanimous vote. Member Austin suggested <br />adding staff to the attendance list. <br />APPROVAL OF MINUTES <br />Board Member Buhler motioned to approve the minutes of October 18, 2007 as <br />written. Board Member Austin seconded the motion, which carried by a unanimous <br />vote. <br />PUBLIC COMMENTS <br />Community member, Steve Evans, addressed the Board regarding the petition of the Port <br />Townsend Paper Corporation, which referenced the economic contributions the mill <br />makes to the community. He and several acquaintances in the community feel that their <br />health has been negatively affected by the mill's airborne discharges. He noted that there <br />are laws that relate to pollution in this county and these laws are there for a reason. He <br />also stated that those who are having their health affected by the mills plume are not <br />Jefferson County Board of Health, December 20, 2007 <br />Page 1 of 8 <br />